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Roshan kicked out

Triggering a significant upheaval within the government, the controversy surrounding Sports Minister Mr. Roshan Ranasinghe’s revelation of alleged fraud and corruption in the cricket body reached its climax last week. President Ranil Wickramasinghe, responding to the situation, ousted Mr. Roshan from the position of Sports Minister. The decision to remove Roshan had been made not just last week, but the week prior, following his initial parliamentary disclosure of the malpractices within the cricket board, wherein he accused both the President and the government.

On the day of this revelation in Parliament, the President arrived with the official letter to dismiss Roshan from his ministerial role. However, Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva and Mr. Nimal Lanza intervened, preventing the document from being handed over to Roshan. Upon learning of the President’s intention to oust Roshan from the ministry, the two immediately visited the President’s Parliament office. They emphasized that the country stood in support of Roshan at this critical juncture and warned that his removal would undoubtedly incur public discontent, prompting them to take measures to thwart the President’s move. Despite their efforts, Roshan’s scathing criticism of the President and Chief of Staff Sagala Ratnayake last week expedited his removal from the ministerial post.

Vehicle problem

This was mainly due to an incident that happened last weekend. Last Saturday, officers of the Valana anti-corruption unit inspected a vehicle yard in Kurunegala belonging to Roshan Ranasinghe and found an assembled jeep there. Later, it was reported through the media that the jeep belonged to Roshan, and some parties had also taken steps to give it a lot of publicity. At a glance, everyone could see that this was an organized plan by some group to launch a strong attack on Roshan. When the media questioned Roshan in this regard, Roshan said he would take steps to answer it in Parliament the next day.

Also, the issue became more acute on Monday because the Daily Mirror newspaper, a family newspaper owned by the president’s relatives, published the incident related to the jeep on the front page and directly mentioned that Roshan Ranasinghe was involved. Mr. Nimal Piyatissa, who came to Parliament from the party of MP Wimal Weerawansa, and now works as an independent, presented it to the House on Monday morning. In addition to this, while addressing a JVP meeting, its Publicity Secretary Vijitha Herath, referring to this news, publicly said that facts have been revealed that Roshan Ranasinghe has brought a jeep secretly.

Attack on JVP

When Roshan raised the issue regarding corruption in the cricket board, both parties and opposition parties in the parliament stood for Roshan, but many people in the parliament strongly criticized the JVP’s position they took on the matter. This is because JVP not criticizing the heads of the Cricket board or commenting against them. Apart from this, JVP leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake participated in the special COPE committee meeting regarding cricket, but it is noted that Anura questioned the cricket board against minor allegation avoiding large-scale corruption scams. On this, Roshan was seen making a strong attack on JVP in Parliament. Accordingly, JVP has been witnessing strong opposition from within the parliament for the past few days based on their silence on the cricket frauds.

Accordingly, Roshan responded to Nimal Piyatissa, the President and Sagala on Monday morning and took steps to give a special explanation to the Parliament regarding this incident. There, Roshan Ranasinghe said that there are some people in the government behind this raid. Roshan also said that if he was requested in this regard, he would hand over the relevant keys of all seven establishments of his to the speaker to check.

A shot to the president

Additionally, Roshan criticized the President, alleging, “The President is intricately planning to frame me.” He went on to describe a sequence of events, stating, “I observed how they intended to frame me. Agents from Valanen were dispatched for this purpose. Even individuals within the Valana anti-corruption unit were implicated. They were directed to first head to Kurunegala and then to Galewela. Upon reaching Galewela, they were instructed that Euro Nippon, a company affiliated with Roshan Ranasinghe’s group, was situated to the right near a bridge. Roshan asserted that if there were concerns, he was willing to address them, stating, ‘If you had informed me about your intention to raid my establishments, I would have willingly handed over the keys of all eight of my institutions to you, Mr. Speaker. Inspect each one, there’s no issue.’ These statements were made in response to accusations by Nimal Piyatissa and Vijitha Herat from the JVP.”

Nimal Piyatissa, a Member of Parliament, alleged non-payment of taxes for a vehicle associated with Roshan. Subsequently, Euro Nippon was subject to a raid. Roshan contested the reports of fake news in newspapers, asserting, “No vehicle from my company was seized. Euro Nippon has no legal claim to it, and Roshan Ranasinghe’s name is not associated with it.” He concluded by predicting that these statements would be highlighted in the media.

A call from President

However, with this controversial comment made in Parliament, Roshan’s mobile phone immediately received a call. On the other end of the call was none other than the President. As soon as he received the call, the president was furious and scolded Roshan, and it was seen that the president hung up the phone before a reply was made.

After that, one more decision was taken which the President had not delayed much. That is the plan to hold the Cabinet meeting that was scheduled to be held in the Parliament instead of the Presidential Secretariat. Accordingly, all Cabinet Ministers were informed that the Cabinet meeting would be held at 3 pm that day in Committee Room No. 3, and the President took steps to prepare another special letter before attending. It is the letter related to the removal of Roshan from the post of Minister of Sports and Mahaweli. The President sat in the cabinet meeting with this letter prepared and kept aside.

Roshan objects

Not knowing anything about this, Roshan attended the cabinet meeting that day without any change, ready to give replies if the incident related to cricket rose again. Accordingly, at the beginning of the cabinet meeting, the president gave  notice to present the cabinet report last week. It was presented to the Cabinet by Cabinet Secretary Donald. There, Donald presented the last report and finally said that the cabinet made a decision that if interim committees are appointed for cricket or any other sport, the approval of the cabinet is required.

However, after reading this cabinet report, it was Roshan who spoke first. Roshan said there that no decision taken in the last cabinet meeting that cabinet approval should be obtained while appointing an interim committee. Cabinet Secretary Donald gave the answers before the President answered.

No, such a decision was made. It was also published in the media…’ when Donald said, Roshan replied that not only he but other ministers did not know about such a thing, and such a decision was not taken by the cabinet. But in reply, the President said that the matter was discussed at the end of the cabinet meeting, and a decision was made that if an interim governing body is appointed for a certain game, the approval of the cabinet should be obtained.

But Roshan stood his ground and expressed his protest to the President, saying to the President’s face that such a decision would be illegal.

Mr. President, it would be wrong to take such a decision. I am against that. Because it is illegal. The Sports Act has empowered the minister in charge of appointing interim committees. Do not belittle the minister in charge of sports in this way. I am against it…’ when Roshan replied, the president said that it was a decision taken by the cabinet together, and according to the collective responsibility, all the ministers are bound to follow it.

But Roshan, who also expressed his objection to that, told the President that ‘Mr. President, you cannot do anything wrong in the name of collective responsibility’.

Two charges

After that, the President approached the topic and took steps to inform Roshan that two charges have been presented. One of the accusations was that while a cabinet sub-committee headed by Mr. Ali Sabri had been appointed to lift the ban on cricket, Roshan along with opposition leader Sajith had discussed the ban on cricket with the Indian High Commissioner. The other allegation was that Roshan, as the Minister of Lands, had arranged to give land to his friends.

‘Now Roshan, there are two questions here. When I had set up a ‘sub-committee’ headed by Minister Ali Sabri to lift the ban on cricket, you had met Sajith and discussed it with the Indian High Commissioner. It is a violation of the collective responsibility of the cabinet. The other allegation is that you have sent a paper to the Cabinet to give land to your relatives in Mahaweli.” Roshan, who heard the accusations silently, took steps to answer them as soon as the President finished his speech.

Answers both

Mr. President, you appointed the Interim Committee to draft the Sports Act. In the meantime, when I called you and told you to support me in appointing an interim committee, you shouted at me, ‘No, I will not help you, I will not support it, I do not agree, remove the gazette immediately’. I appointed the interim committee using the power given to me as the sports minister.

The second thing is, Mr. President, I deny the accusation made by you that I violated the collective responsibility of the Cabinet by talking to the Indian High Commissioner with the leader of the opposition to lift the ban on cricket. Because it was not a discussion organized by me. The leader of the opposition called the Indian High Commissioner to his office in the Parliament for some other work. I received a call from him saying that the Indian High Commissioner is here, if possible, come and meet and talk about this issue.

That’s why I went. When I went there, MP Laxman Kiriella and Arjuna Ranatunga were in that room. I didn’t even know that Arjuna was there until I went there. At that time, the leader of the opposition told the Indian High Commissioner that there are many corruption issues in the cricket body, the people in the cricket board have been accused, and they are trying to escape by covering behind the chairman of the board of cricket, Jay Shah. Help to remove the ban. On the other hand, he said that both the government and the opposition unanimously decided to eliminate corruption in this cricket institution. There, the Indian High Commissioner said that when the Indian Cricket Board was also accused of corruption, the government intervened to clean up the Indian cricket through the court by presenting the ‘Lodha’ committee report. That’s all that happened there, Mr. President. As soon as I finished talking, I got up from there. Nothing else happened there.

The next thing is that the President said that I have left a cabinet paper to give Mahaweli land to relatives. You had issued a special letter on 11.11.2022 asking to stop land division. Although the minister had the right to give land, I respected that letter and did not do anything. I referred this cabinet paper to the people who had the license to build 4 sheds and informed me that they need land for it. They had said that he needed land for three temples for cultivation purposes. Two organizations had requested that they needed land for business activities. The other is a request made by you in 2014 to give an island in Peradeniya. That proposal was also in this cabinet paper. Other than that, I don’t have any relatives here. So, if you are against this, then don’t approve that paper…’ Roshan took steps to answer both the accusations levelled at him by the President..

Resignation letter out

However, Roshan took steps to answer both the accusations levelled at him in this way, but the President did not show that he was satisfied, turned to one of his bodyguards and said to ‘take that letter’. Accordingly, the president took the letter and said ‘this is the letter to remove you from the cabinet ministry’ and took steps to hand over the letter to Roshan. Roshan, who knew in advance that he would have to face this kind of result at any moment when he talked about cricket corruption and want to clean cricket, took the relevant letter without showing any change and thanked the president and all the cabinet ministers for their support so far and took steps to leave the cabinet meeting.

However, the best of it was seen after that. This was due to an announcement issued to all newspapers and media organizations under the name of President’s Media Unit, based on the salvation of Roshan’s ministry. The announcement stated that the President had asked two questions to Roshan in the cabinet, and Roshan could not answer both of them. Accordingly, it was stated that the President decided to remove Roshan Ranasinghe from the post of Cabinet Minister. But what actually happened was that Roshan had answered both the questions that the President asked at that moment.

What is next?

However, the country was waiting for the support of the President and the government for Roshan, who presented the large-scale fraud and corruption of the cricket organization to the country and went to clean up the cricket board, but in the end, Roshan, who spoke against theft, lost his ministry and the positions of the authorities of the cricket organization, where corruption was accused, were secured.

So what will Roshan do now? What is the government’s response to Roshan who spoke against theft? What is Roshan’s next plan?

According to the information we have, Roshan has not finished his fight against corruption despite losing his ministry. After removing his ministerial position, Roshan had a dinner last week with 12 members of the government who are very close to him. There, Roshan talked about his future political plans and informed them that the government will have to face the election within another 6 months, and till then they should not panic and be patient. However, Roshan asked these MPs to continue in the same way as they have done so far without tarnishing their name in the government, and informed these MPs that a huge political force will be created within the country within the next few months. But Roshan, who did not disclose whether the huge political force will be formed from the government side or the opposition side, informed the MPs that all these people should unite with that political force as a ‘good team’ in the future.

Have a party

Meanwhile, we are ready to reveal another special information regarding Roshan through the ‘ Inside Politics’ column this time. That is, Roshan has now taken steps to take a political party under his own right. That was the Ruhunu Janata Party which belonged to Mr. Ajantha Soysa. Ajanta’s Ruhunu Janata Party is a recognized political party that contested several elections in the past. The ‘Inside Politics’ column has learnt that Roshan has taken over this party a few months ago. Accordingly, Roshan’s plan is enrol a group of 12 MPs who are not linked to theft, fraud or corruption in the upcoming elections as a party in a huge political alliance.

Also, the ‘Inside Politics’ column has also heard that the people of the government, who were together until now, have started treating Roshan like a god after he was removed from the post of minister. It is reported that the Pohottu team with the President is not talking to Roshan, and they have made comments against Roshan to cause displeasure among the Pohottu MPs. On the other hand, many of the MPs from the back row of Pohottuva have also seen that they are standing directly for Roshan. It is reported that the senior members of Pohottuwa did not say a word for Roshan after the President who was appointed by Pohottuwa to remove Roshan, a senior from Pohottuwa, from the position of minister. The ‘Inside politics ‘ column has also heard that former President Mahinda, Pohottuwa’s national organizer Basil and Namal Rajapaksa did not appear in defence of  Roshan, who made a great sacrifice in the construction of Pohottuwa.

Another revelation

However, despite being removed from the ministerial position in this way, Roshan does not seem to have given up his fight against corruption. The information we have says that Roshan is all set to make 3 more big reveals within the next few days. The information received from that side is news to the ‘ Inside Politics’  column  that the three information disclosures are huge and have nothing to do with cricket and will shake the government. SJB MP Nalin Bandara also gave the country some hint in this regard at the press conference held last week. There, Nalin said that he has received information that Roshan is ready to make many more revelations that will shake the whole country in the future. People will have to wait for a few more days to know how Roshan’s revelations about cricket corruption will affect the government.

Another explosion

While there was an explosion in the government due to the incident related to Roshan, there was another explosion in the government last week based on an incident that no one knew about. It was through an incident where a powerful state minister prepared to forward his resignation letter to the president. For some time, this state minister can be called a person with a lot of experience who also worked as a cabinet minister.

However, the origin of this incident is a discussion that the Cabinet Minister in charge of the relevant ministry had gone to meet the President without informing the Minister of State. As soon as information was reported that such a discussion had been prepared by the cabinet minister, this state minister called the President’s Secretariat and inquired whether it was true or not. The ‘Inside Politics’  column learns  that the Minister of State confirmed that the Cabinet Minister and several officials had met the President and organized a certain event, had launched a huge protest to the officials of Presidential secretariat that they had not informed him about it.

However, the problem arose that even after expressing this protest; the Minister of State did not receive an invitation for the relevant ceremony. Accordingly, a source close to the government revealed that this state minister, who took a tough decision last week, immediately sent his resignation letter to the President’s Secretariat. The source also said that the official vehicles given to him by the state minister have also been handed over to the government.

However, during further investigations in this regard, another source stated that this Minister of State had not sent the letter of resignation, and had called the President, who had gone to Dubai at that time, to complain about the injustice he had suffered and informed him that he would resign from the position of Minister of State. The sources revealed that the President had informed the Minister of State not to worry until he arrived in Sri Lanka and that he would take steps to resolve the issue after his arrival.

Accordingly, whatever happens from these two pieces of information, it is quite clear that the matter has progressed to the point where a government minister resigned last week due to a meeting.

Clashes in Sirikotha

It was reported to that there was a big conflict within the United National Party last week, when crisis after crisis arose in the government. The information was reported during the investigation of a news that appeared in the media that it was decided in a discussion held in Sirikothe among the top representatives of the UNP to nominate Mr. Ranil Wickramasinghe as the candidate for the upcoming presidential election. While investigating whether this is true or not, the ‘Inside Politics’ column found out that the news is completely false, that not even a word about the presidential candidacy was discussed in the said discussion held in Sirikothe, and that there was a heated disagreement between UNP Chairman Vajira and Ravi Karunanayake who participated in the discussion.

The meeting, which the President did not attend, was held recently under the chairmanship of Chairman Vajira and General Secretary Range. There, the main discussion was on how the UNP’s reorganization work is being carried out. It is reported that there was a heated conversation between Colombo UNP strongman Ravi and party president Vajira during the discussion about the reorganization activities to be carried out based on the Colombo district. Here, Ravi has made comments accusing the strongmen of the party and for which Vajira and Range have given answers.

Ravi mad with Vajira

Vajira directly accused Ravi and said, ‘What do you know? He said, ‘You are one of the people who went looking for other leaders instead of with the leader.’ While Vajira giving these answers, Ravi also got to a demonic look. Accordingly, Ravi said in a loud voice that ‘ you all destroyed this party with deals’. It was also reported that Ravi, who stood up slapping his hands on the table, shouted loudly at Vajira and  Range as well.

But in the news published in the newspapers the next day, none of this was mentioned, and it said that the party seniors had worked to select Ranil as the UNP’s presidential candidate in a meeting held in Sirikothe. We tried to find out whether the story behind that news is true or not, as it is an important news, to confirm it and once again bring more information to the readers. But there we came to know that no such thing happened in that meeting, only a big tussle took place among the chiefs present in the meeting.

Is Dwaraka alive?

‘I stand before you like this after overcoming many difficulties and many betrayals. One day I hope to go to Elam and serve my people. Although the Sri Lankan Army was often weakened by our organization, several powerful countries of the world helped the Sri Lankan Army. That is why our military struggle ended at Mullivaikkal that day. But our struggle for political freedom is not over. After the war, the United Nations and global powers failed to provide justice to the Eelam Dravidians. The Sri Lankan government is turning the Tamil East into a Sinhala Buddhist land, where the Tamil people are deprived of their freedom and human rights. The reasons for our struggle are still alive. We will continue the struggle for political freedom. Although Tamil political parties in Sri Lanka may have differences among themselves, we must walk together in our journey for freedom…’

Recently, this was heard through an online YouTube video titled ‘Desathin Supalvi Selvi Dwaraka Prabhakaranin Kolgai Pugadana Urai’ (Manifesto Speech of Delightful Daughter Dwaraka Prabhakaran). A statement made by a Tamil woman who claimed to be Dwaraka Prabhakaran, the daughter of Velupilla Prabhakaran, the leader of LTTE organization, was seen through the above video. 14 years ago, in the last moments of the civil war in Sri Lanka, LTTE leader Prabhakaran, and all his family members were killed, but later some parties said that some members of that family are still alive. There, it was controversially stated that Dwaraka, the only daughter of Prabhakaran, is alive. This news was published 2 months ago, and it was also revealed that such a woman secretly came to Jaffna at that time and started some political activities. But this Prabhakaran’s daughter came to the scene a few days ago.

Hero’s Day

There are two special days celebrated annually by the LTTE  organization. The first of these is November 26, the birthday of their leader Prabhakaran, and the day after that is November 27, the LTTE’s ‘Hero Day’ (Maveeral Nal). Although 14 years have passed since the end of the Tamil ethnic war, these two days are celebrated in a special way by the Tamil diaspora parties in this country and in different countries of the world.

Now, when did the incident of Prabhakaran’s daughter take place? It was published on YouTube on the last 27th Mahaviru Day. This announcement caused a lot of controversy in many quarters when it was aired that morning. There, a middle-aged young woman dressed in an Indian saree was seen giving her speech in a video lasting about 10-11 minutes. A few LTTE flags and a portrait of Nayak Prabhakaran are displayed on the stage behind her. She was seen reading a statement printed on some paper. This broadcast on the same day as Maveerer Nal or Mahaviru day , an annual tiger celebration, attracted the attention of many. But many parties declared this to be a complete myth and said that the video was created using the Internet’s advanced technology: or Artificial Intelligence. This broadcast was done through a Tamil website called Tamil Light. After that, it was also aired through other pro-LTTE websites.

I am coming

The young woman who identifies herself as Dwaraka Prabhakaran further says through her statement.

The Sri Lankan government has turned Tamil Eelam into a Sinhala Buddhist area. The reasons for our struggle still alive. We will continue the struggle for political freedom and not give up the fight for our rights. We hold the hands of other friendly countries, including India, who supports the Sri Lankan Tamil issue. I request the Tamil people living in Sri Lanka, Tamil Nadu and other countries to carry forward the freedom struggle politically. The next stage of getting a separate state for us or Tamil Eelam will be done only through a political step. We have no hope for an armed struggle. We will never oppose the Sinhalese people. And we have not fought against the Sinhalese people. Instead, we fought against the corrupt politicians of the country. We hope people will understand our struggle for civil rights. I have declared that I will dedicate myself to this Tamil political struggle in the future. The United Nations and the rest of the international community acknowledged the Sri Lankan government’s guilt of committing war crimes, but failed to do justice to the Tamil people of Eelam. It was the greatest injustice that happened to us…’ she had said there.

Intelligence said

Even a week before that, the Indian intelligence agencies had warned Sri Lanka that some people were working to broadcast this kind of video on November 27th. During the lifetime of Tiger leader Prabhakaran, every year on Mahaviru Day, he makes a special statement. A video like this was also aired in remembrance of that.

And now another latest story has been reported by the media. The news revealed that the woman who appeared for the above video on Mahaviru Day is a woman named Rajaratnam Mitthuya who lives in a western country. Foreign intelligence agencies have uncovered facts that she was used by the Tamil Diaspora for this purpose by paying money.

Indian opinion

However, with the release of this video, which is said to be of Dwaraka, there was a big uproar in the Sri Lankan media and in the Indian media. Accordingly, it was seen that the Indian media reported various information in this regard almost on a daily basis. In this regard, Vellamullyvaikkal was in the last battle of LTTE. A former member of ‘South First’ had stated in a statement to the media that when the fighting was going on in Anandapuram, an order came from Prabhakaran to retreat towards the Nandikadal lake, and due to a severe shortage of weapons, a group of LTTE members including him got stuck in that area, and then the security forces surrounded him and the group. The former LTTE has stated that Prabhakaran was 600 meters away from him at that time. The member has stated that at that time Prabhakaran’s wife Madivadini and daughter Dwaraka Susei had been placed in custody and that he heard that Madivadini and Dwaraka had died in a shell attack. Then ‘South First’ media this LTTE. The member is asked if there was no chance for Madivadini and Dwaraka to escape at the last moment. In reply, he claims that at the last moment the LTTE became extremely weak and there was no chance for anyone to escape.

That is one opinion that has come out regarding this video of Dwaraka. But K.S.Radakrisha, who was a famous figure in Tamil Nadu, who had many connections with the LTTE. Radhakrishnan told the Indian media that Prabhakaran’s eldest son, Charles Anthony, and Balachandra, the youngest son, died in the war, but this video confirms that Prabhakaran, Dwaraka and Madivadini are still alive. Radhakrishnan told the Indian media that when Nadhumaran, a well-known politician in Tamil Nadu, said this a few months ago, many people laughed at him, but now it has been confirmed that Prabhakaran’s daughter Dwaraka is alive.

I have known Prabhakaran’s family since then. I challenge you to analyze the video of Dwaraka and tell the truth to the world.’

Another opinion

Meanwhile, an expert in cyber technology G. Vaigeeswaran has commented to the Indian media that there is some contradiction between the voice and the images in the video in question. Vaigeeswaran has also revealed several technical flaws to the Indian media. Accordingly, he points out that this video has been edited several times. Therefore, Vaigeeswaran has further stated that without analyzing the original video completely, nothing can be said.

Meanwhile, the South Indian media called ‘The News Minute’ reported that the LTTE. Several friendly organizations have taken steps to investigate the truth or not of this Dwaraka’s story. There PNM who was friendly with LTTE. A spokesperson of the organization mentioned to the website that on November 26, the Tamil diaspora called a special press conference and declared that this news is false. But on the same website, LTTE named ‘Va Gautaman’. A former member has mentioned that at the last moment of the war, a group of people somehow managed to remove Dwaraka from the battlefield.

What the family said

But the popular magazine ‘The Week’ has for the first time asked Prabhakaran’s wife Madivadini’s elder sister Aruna in this regard. Aruna currently lives in Denmark. Arunada has said that Dwarka is alive, a video of her was released earlier and she will make a public appearance soon.

Meanwhile, Kazi Anandan, a famous poet of South India, had also told the media that on November 27th Mahaviru Day, a video is going to be released to the media that provides proof that Dwaraka is alive.

Although Aruna and Kasi Anandan stated this, Prabhakaran’s relative Karthik Manoharan told the same magazine ‘The Week’ that after the war, he did not receive any information or message from Prabhakaran or any of the family. Karthik told the media that if Dwarka or Madivadini were alive, they should have spoken to him by now.

However, despite the media in India telling various stories about this video of Prabhakaran’s daughter Dwaraka, which came out on the last Hero’s Day, neither the Indian security forces nor the Sri Lankan security forces have issued an official statement in this regard. At least no announcement has been made accepting or denying the authenticity of the video. Although many say that this video was created using artificial intelligence, there has been no official announcement from any party about it yet. Accordingly, it is believed by many that the responsible departments will look into the matter and resolve the doubts that have arisen among the people.

By Special Correspondent

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