Harin is trying to bring Sanath! Mahela wants to leave! What’s next for cricket? I Sri Lanka Latest News

Sports Minister Hareen Fernando, along with Sanath Jayasuriya and Farvez Maharuf, who are becoming strong figures in the new cricket power camp as his close ones, will meet the under-19 cricket team that is suddenly staying in Dubai tomorrow (09th) night. Sri Lanka Latest News

It was midnight on the day when the sports minister, who had gone there to watch the final match of the Dubai 10-bowl cricket tournament, met the Sri Lankan youth players at the hotel where they were staying to participate in the Youth Asia Cup, during the few hours before returning to Sri Lanka due to the accident. It seems that it was close.

The players and the coaching staff were also brought before the minister with an urgent notification from the team management to come dressed in the team’s uniform, and while the minister congratulated the team, Sanath Jayasuriya was introduced to the team as the person in charge of the team’s future affairs.

With this introduction of the minister, it is said that the coaches and officials of the youth team have to face a dilemma whether they should prepare the plans of the team with the consultant coach Mahela Jayawardena or with Sanath Jayasuriya.

Meanwhile, Mahel Jayawardena is very disappointed with the behaviour of the past sports minister and his advisers as well as the current cricket behaviour and he will have a decisive discussion with the Sri Lankan cricket authorities today to decide whether he will continue to carry out the responsibilities of cricket in this country. It is further reported that it will be decided.

Source: Aruna

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