Opposition Stands Firm Against Threats to Parliamentary Democracy, Says Professor G.L. Peiris

In a press conference convened in Colombo today (26), Parliamentarian Professor G.L. Peiris voiced staunch opposition to what he perceives as threats to Sri Lanka’s longstanding parliamentary democracy. Emphatically, he declared his commitment to safeguarding the tradition and independence of the legislature, which has endured for 93 years.

Highlighting recent developments, Professor Peiris underscored the submission of a motion of no confidence against the Speaker, spearheaded by the opposition leader. Moreover, he criticized the hasty passage of the Online Security Act in parliament, alleging a violation of constitutional principles.

Asserting the distinct role of the Speaker separate from the executive, Mr Peiris warned against the potential erosion of legal independence, particularly in the context of proposed legislation such as the Anti-Terrorism Act. He cautioned that such actions could not only undermine the rule of law but also detrimentally impact the nation’s economy.

Further, Professor Peiris cautioned against the repercussions of the government’s efforts to consolidate power, citing potential domestic and international fallout. He highlighted the risk of losing vital concessions, such as the GSP, if international agreements are flouted. In his closing remarks, he stressed that yielding parliamentary autonomy to the executive would imperil fundamental rights protection.

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