How Basil joined with UNP in 1982

Hector Kobbekaduwa, the candidate of the left-wing parties led by the SLFP in the 1982 presidential election, didn't give a damn about the D. M. Rajapakse family. The reason was that D.M. Rajapakse family members Mahinda, Basil, and the crowd...

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Rise of JVP- FSP and Sajith in retrospective

After winning the general election in 1977, Ranasinghe Premadasa approached JR with the proposal to release JVP leaders and members, including their leader Rohana Wijeweera. During the 1977 general election, Premadasa spoke out against the anti-democratic measures taken by then-Prime...

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MR and RW’s deal maker is back

In the 2006 by-election, Milinda Moragoda, who was Ranil's closest adviser and the Colombo District Member at that time, exerted a great influence that Sirisena Cooray should be nominated for the position of Mayor of the Colombo Municipal Council. Milind's...

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Ranil ‘s global image fades

'Ranil will go down in history as the best president Sri Lanka has ever had..." This was a statement made by Mangala Samaraweera. He told this story on July 24, 2020 to the "Daily Mirror' newspaper. He thought that Ranil...

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