Tiran Alas Asserts: ‘Disregard for the UN Human Rights Letter’ I Sri Lanka Latest News

Minister of Public Security Tiran Alas said today (January 18) that he rejects the allegations that human rights are violated in the operation ‘justice’ and that the letter issued by the United Nations Human Rights Council is not considered serious.

” the day before yesterday to a high-ranking gentleman of the UN, I told him to his face, please ask the people of Human Rights instead of giving such statements, ask us first. Find out first what we do first. After that, if you do note something wrong, it doesn’t matter if you say something,” said the minister.

The minister says that 17% of the total crimes in the country have been reduced during the month that the justice operation was implemented.

Acting Inspector General of Police Deshpandu Tennakoon, who joined the press conference, said that a system of issuing tickets will be started from January 22 by monitoring the offences committed by drivers entering Colombo city through CCTV and that the charges related to the offence will be forwarded through the relevant police station regardless of the province in Sri Lanka.

Source: BBC Sinhala

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