A presidential election is certain! The prime minister summoned governors, and members of the ruling party to the parliament! Instruction given to finish projects using decentralized funds before July 31! A committee headed by the Prime Minister be appointed to see if the work is done! Sri Lanka Latest News

Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena has given instructions in a special meeting held in the Parliament today (11) to complete all the development activities carried out from the decentralized fund before July 31st. (Sri Lanka Latest News)

It has been learned that all governors, district secretaries as well and members of the ruling party have participated in this meeting which was held in the Parliamentary Committee Hall No. 01.

The Prime Minister has given instructions to use the funds allocated from the decentralized fund to complete all the development works before July 31 and to complete all related works.

Accordingly, most of the people who participated in the meeting have mentioned that by giving those instructions, the signs are that a presidential election will be held.

However, by giving instructions to bring in only the ministers and finish the development work, a crisis has also arisen.

That is because these development activities should be done through the District Development Committee.

All the ministers of the district are involved in that committee, and the chairmanship is held by an MP representing the ruling party.

A committee headed by the Prime Minister and ministers Prasanna Ranatunga, Pavitra Vanniarachchi, Harin Fernando and Ashoka Priyantha has been appointed to monitor this program.

Accordingly, it has been seen that there is a possibility that only the proposals of the ministers of the ruling party will be implemented through the chairman.

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