Amidst Soaring Prices and Economic Crisis, Outrage Erupts as Former President and Ministers Revel in Lavish Yacht Party, Opposition Leader Exposes Extravagance in Parliament! VIDEO I Sri Lanka Latest News

At a time when school children’s season tickets were cancelled in January and people were under various pressures due to VAT, a group of ministers of the government in the parliament together with former President Mahinda Rajapaksa used 02 vessels named Hansakawa and Diyakoula belonging to the Port Authority and sailed the sea 2 days ago. Opposition leader Mr Sajith Premadasa revealed in Parliament today (11) that a middle party has been thrown and a minister related to the port issue has even given written permission for this. Sri Lanka Latest News

At a time when the country is bankrupt, there is a problem as to whether it is possible to have a party in the middle of the sea by using the ships owned by the country and spending fuel by getting alcohol and even food from the canteen in the port. The opposition leader said that throwing parties is unacceptable.

The opposition leader Mr. Sajith Premadasa said here that even the red carpet has been used for this party and he has expressed his objection to throwing parties by spending people’s money like this.

How government ministers came to the party!

How trade unions protested!

The opposition leader’s speech in Parliament!

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