Rajya Rahas

Who is the’ AVATAR’ horrifying the SJB

⦁ RW Change the plan⦁ Julie Chung's silent war⦁ Why president's sudden turn towards china.. These days, Sri Lanka is hit by many socio-economic political international crises at the same time. A social crisis has emerged through the simultaneous collapse...

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Why Mandate Feel Like a Threat ?

⦁ Who won the battle? Rani or Julia?⦁ Will the UN Human Rights Council take action against Sri Lanka?⦁ Global displeasure towards state insanity It is not an exaggeration to say that the attack on the peaceful protestors' struggle site...

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Another change in the cabinet! Another explosion within government! Sajith urgently calls for attorneys! dispenses 80 letters! Did Ferdinando reveal the president’s confidential cabinet document? Anura delivered a message to Sajith! Basil emerges and gets to work. Rahas, Rajya (EXCLUSIVE)

Manindananda receives it tight from Ferdinando!India rejects it!Japan rejects us!Gain from Aragalaya ! The protest began in front of the presidential office, calling for President Gotabaya Rajapakse to step down at"gota gama" drew close to 100-day mark. Mahinda Rajapakse, the...

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Saroja, the Sri Lankan High Commissioner in the United Kingdom, did she send an email criticizing the country? If so, who desired it? Gota to convince Ranil to resign! Ranil has surrendered in front of the President! Nandalal’s  letter signed ! Hareen open a rift within Pohottuwa!

Gota's shocking revelation about Ranil!Ranil's Pohottuwa meeting turned sour!What happened to GL, who supported Ranil?Gota and Ranil are in a political tug of war! Mr. Ranil Wickramasinghe took office as Prime Minister nearly two months ago, promising to solve all...

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