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Will China win Tamils over India?

‘Big countries should not bully small countries’ This was China's statement in support of Sri Lanka in 1987, when India airdropped food to the north of the country. At the time, J.R.'s government expected the world to condemn India, but...

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Gota’s American dream.

Gotabaya's foreign tour is currently the most talked-about topic in the media. Many news outlets reported that Gotabhaya travelled to America with his family. But, in reality, he went to Dubai rather than to America. Gota attempted to travel to...

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Politics of underwear, Gota vs. Prabhakaran

Prior to the conflict, former President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa threatened those who participated in the 'Gota Fail' social media campaign. He threatened and claimed to have sent the world's worst terrorist, Prabhakaran, to his death in his underwear. Following Prabhakaran's death,...

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RW’s last hope to win US shattered

Before 2005, the UNP was close to the Republican Party of America in Sri Lankan politics. The SLFP was close to the Democratic Party of America. During the 1988 presidential election, Lalith Athulathmudali, the Minister of National Security of JR's...

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