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No meeting with Biden for Ranil

President Ranil Wickramasinghe is on a Cuban and American visit these days. The President left for Cuba to participate in the ‘G77 Plus China’ conference held there. After that, the President will leave for the United States to address the United Nations General Assembly. The President is scheduled to address the General Assembly session on the 21st. Ranil addresses the United Nations General Assembly for the first time as the President. Earlier, as the Prime Minister, Ranil had addressed the United Nations meeting held in 2002.

However, before leaving for America, the President’s fraction had launched a big operation to get an opportunity to meet the American President Mr. Joe Biden. For that purpose, several efforts were made by the President. Although there was a green light from America regarding the Ranil-Biden discussion initially, however, subsequently it was seen that it was completely turned upside down at the last moment. According to the sources of the President’s Office, there will be no meeting between Ranil and Biden during Ranil’s trip to America.

Why is there no meeting between Ranil and American President Joe Biden? What are the reasons? Looking for information about this, more than a year has passed since Mr Ranil Wickramasinghe was sworn in as the President, but the American President has not yet issued a congratulatory message to Ranil. The reason for that was the attack on the peaceful Galle Face struggle after Ranil became the president and the attacks on the democratic rights of the people. Generally, after the election of a new president of any country, the American President is arranged to congratulate him or her, but it is believed by many that this is the reason why no such greeting was issued by the US State Department after Ranil’s assumption of the presidency. It is not yet possible to say whether there is a connection between that incident and the fact that the President did not meet Biden during this time’s visit to America, but it is certain that there will be no meeting between the President and Biden during this visit.

Did you jump to the fire?

On the other hand, before going to America, Ranil will go to Cuba to participate in the G-77 plus China summit. America has already imposed sanctions against Cuba. Cuba held the ‘G-77 plus China’ conference in its country to show its strength to the US as its chairman country. Only a minority of the G-77 countries participated in the environmental conference held in Cuba the other day. Most of the countries did not participate because they did not want to anger the US.

Because many countries know that the close relationship between Cuba and China does not bother the United States. The US Secretary of State made a special statement last June that China had helped to create a base in Cuba for the gathering of intelligence agencies. The foreign media has already reported that a large number of countries will not participate in the G-77 plus China summit in which the President will participate. It is a special event that the President participated in the G-77 Plus China Summit in Cuba in such a rift between America and Cuba. Accordingly, many people are questioning that Ranil’s visit to Cuba, despite the fact that he was planning to visit America, is like jumping into the fire knowingly.

Basil is asked to come

However, the President had taken steps to hold several special discussions before visiting Cuba. One of them was the discussion with Mr Basil Rajapaksa, who is considered to be the mastermind of Pohottuwa. After assuming office, the President held several rounds of negotiations with Basil, and all those discussions were conducted according to the demands made by Basil. But the special thing that was seen in this discussion was that for the first time, the President invited Basil to come to a discussion.

Discussion last time

We previously reported that there was a special discussion between Basil and the President last August, in which Basil asked the President about the cabinet amendment, and the President gave a slippery answer. In addition, we had reported that the President had indicated that both the presidential and general elections would be held next year, but the president had not specified which election would be held first.

But this time, when the President invited Basil for the discussion, it was not the political background that existed then. Even though the President and the government had nearly 120 Pohottu MPs without any problem, the government had only 113 votes in the last vote of the no-confidence motion against Keheliya. Also, the government got only 103 votes in the Internal Revenue Amendment Act held two days before. Accordingly, some changes were evident among the MPs in Pohottuwa over the past few days.

Current issues

In addition to this, Basil sent a list of the members of Pohottuwa who should have the position of cabinet minister to the President, but even though it has been many months, the President has not yet received a proper response. That was also one of the reasons for some conflict of opinion between the President and Pohottuwa. Also, in the group meeting of the government held two weeks ago, the MPs from Pohottuwa clearly informed the Prime Minister that they are ready to take a tough decision in the upcoming budget regarding five ministers who do not listen to Pohottuwa’s views and do not care about Pohottuwa’s MPs.

That’s another problem. The next problem is that the Ministers of State have not been given powers to work. Recently, State Minister Premalal Jayasekara, who represents Pohottuwa, called a press conference and launched a strong attack against Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva, saying that he is ready to take a tough decision within the next two weeks if he does not prepare a working environment for the state ministers.

Due to all these issues and the fact that the number of votes for the government has dropped to 113, the president immediately met with Basil before his more than two-week Cuban and American visit to discuss the current political situation.

News Plant

However, another special incident happened before the meeting between Basil and the President. This is an incident that has happened six or seven times before. That is, the special news in all the media that a cabinet reshuffle happens immediately after the president’s foreign visit is published in pro-government newspapers. The news said that immediately after the President’s foreign visit, there will be a change in the Cabinet of Ministers with a minor reshuffle, and it has been decided to remove several secretaries of ministries who are not working. The full news published in that regard is as follows.

It is reported that there will be a small reshuffle of Cabinets and State Ministers along with a transfer of Ministry Secretaries to find solutions to many problems including inefficiency and disputes.

It is said that this amendment will see the change of some ministers and state ministers where there are disagreements between ministers and state ministers and the transfer of several ministers who could not achieve the goals and increase efficiency.

It is learned that after evaluating the performance of the ministers and their ministries, the ministries to be transferred in the revision have been selected.

The president has also drawn attention to certain matters where the state ministers have expressed their displeasure regarding their failure to assign specific duties.

On Monday, the state ministers met Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena and expressed their problems.

They pointed out many problems such as not appointing a secretary to the state ministry, some ministry secretaries working without an evaluation process leading to inefficiency after the retirement age, and some state ministry officials being passive while enjoying privileges.

Among the demands were the appointment of secretaries for the state ministries, assignment of duties and functions, restoration of the personal staff of the state ministers and allocation of a budget for the state ministries.

They also demanded that they should be given the authority to work with the provincial governors regarding rural development projects.

Sources state that the cases where the secretaries have failed to coordinate with other ministries and their performance has failed will attract the attention of the President.

Things that were spoken about

However, in the discussion between Basil and the President, this time too, they talked about the appointment of ministers and the issues between the state ministers. It has been learned that the President has stated that he can give 13 more ministerial positions, but there has been no mention of who will be given those ministerial positions. Also, it has been learned that there has been no discussion about the presidential election.

Basil’s position

However, after this discussion, Basil spent the last week as usual at the party office in Battaramulla. Since that week was a parliamentary week, state ministers as well as back-row MPs in Pohottuwa frequently came to the party office to meet with Basil. Here, one of the state ministers accompanied by the MPs took steps to ask Basil a wonderful question. It is about whether Pohottuwa will support Ranil in the next presidential election, or whether a candidate from Pohottuwa will be presented. This state minister had informed Basil that when he was in the village, party members often came and asked him this question and that he did not have an answer to give.

During this questioning, Basil also asked a special question from this state minister and others. There, Basil asked, ‘What was the opinion of our party members about the President when you visited the village six months ago?’ The state minister who replied said, ‘In those days, the party members of the village said good things to Ranil and the government’. When Basil again asked, ‘Now what are our party members saying about Ranil?’, the state minister and MPs gave the same answer and  said, ‘Now we are cursing the president and the government…’

We will have our own candidate

So, when our party members are scolding like that now, can we ask Ranil to vote? Therefore, in the next presidential election, we will nominate one of our party’s candidates, who is approved by our party members, and who is known by our party members, as the presidential candidate. Saying that he can get the votes of our party members and win…’, Basil took steps to reveal the plan he is preparing to carry out in the next presidential election for the first time. From Basil’s answer, the state minister and the back-row MPs understood one thing well. That is Ranil will not get Pohottuwa’s support in the next presidential election, and Pohottuwa is definitely planning to present a popular candidate as the presidential candidate.

Here is the candidate

If so, who can be the presidential candidate Basil tries to bring? In the past, friends close to Basil said in press conferences that the presidential candidate in Pohottuwa could be a three-letter person. However, according to the information we have, this presidential candidate found by Basil is not a three-letter person, but a four-lettered person who is a popular person. The ‘inside politics’ column has known that there are frequent discussions between Basil and that person these days and plans are being made to present this candidate for the presidential election under a new alliance headed by Pohottuwa. But even though we have confirmable information about who it is, we’re not revealing it at this point because it has to be officially revealed in the bud.

Is Gota coming?

Among the people who worked hard to bring former President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa into politics, one of the most powerful figures was none other than Dilith Jayaweera, the owner of Derana Media Network. Dilit is generally considered to be good at marketing. Because of this, Dilit launched several operations by using his media network to make someone like Gota, who was not very popular and popular among the people. Its culmination was seen through the splitting of the Kelani River and the emergence of a cobra. At that time, it was said that a cobra had suddenly split the Kelani River and emerged and that a young man had caught the cobra and put it in a plastic bottle. In this regard, Reverend Kollupitiye Mahinda Sangharakkhita Thero, Vihara Master of Kelaniya Rajamaha Vihara, also told Derana Media Network that a loud noise was heard that night, and when he looked later, he saw a cobra emerge from the sky.

Derane ‘Naya’

A gentleman called Udara performs these sacrifices. It has been mentioned that relics from the Naga world have been donated to the Kelani temple for about three years now. On the last Vesak Poya day, it was definitely announced that it would be received. But didn’t get it. But last week we got to know that we will receive the relics on the 9th.’

‘We heard a loud noise. That sound came from a noise made when something hard touched the water of the river. There was a noise three or four times like that. While we were waiting for a while, Udara Mahatma came out of the Kelani River with a casket.

Carrying out the second phase of the operation, the same relic casket was displayed at the Kelani Vihara on the following day and was witnessed by hundreds of thousands of people. There, the Lord gave a lotus bud to all of them and said ‘fulfil your responsibility’.

Reciprocation done

This election campaign launched by the Dilits worked so well that on the day of the election, voters queued up to vote for Gotabha. Gotada reciprocated by appointing Dilita as a member of several presidential task forces appointed after assuming the presidency. Later, when Gota became unpopular among the people, many people made a strong accusation against Dilit and Derana media network and said that by sending thick nails to bring Gota to power, the Buddha also was annexed to the land of Kalani sacred area politics.

I had to write this short history about Dilit with the news that he formed a political party almost suddenly last week. Dilit has thus taken the ‘Mawbiwa Janata Party’ which belonged to Mr. Hemakumara Nanayakkara, who was a former Member of Parliament. Although some media had said Dilit had given money to this party, in a post on the Facebook page, Dilit had said that Hemakumar had given it to him in goodwill.

Who is Hemakumara?

  Hemakumara Nanayakkara was the first to join politics with Ranil. Later, Hemakumara did politics with Sajith. Hemakumar’s son Tharaka Nanayakkara is still active in politics together with SJB. But Hemakumara, who joined Dilit, had announced to the media last week that his party is ready to contest the general election as well as the presidential election in the future. It is reported that even though Dilith was with Gota at that time, he had discussed with the people who are said to be my elders and planned to add them to this party. Those people still think that Gota has considerable popularity within the country. Accordingly, it has been learned that the group’s aim is to get Gota’s support for Dilit’s party again in the upcoming elections.

Will you vote for Gota?

However, information being reported that Gota is ready to enter politics again and Gota’s blessing will be given to Dilit’s party, this was said by a journalist at the Pohottu press conference held last week. Steps were taken to ask Mr. Chandrasena. There, Chandrasena had given a rather strict answer. There he said that Gota would not get candidacy again under any circumstances. After getting the position of executive president, Gota, who left it and ran away, came back to politics and asked what SM would do. was questioning. Many claim that SM This is the opinion of Basil, the mastermind of the pot.

Rajitha turns

Mr. Rajitha Senaratne, who was elected to Parliament from the Samagi Jana Balawega, has been more friendly with the government and the President than Sajaba in the last few months. Rajitha, who praised the virtues of the President on several occasions, publicly said that he would join the government if he was given the post of Health Minister. Therefore, Rajitha’s face was not seen much in the last few months in the meetings of Sajba MLAs or in the protest campaigns launched by Sajba.

However, due to Rajitha’s presidential praise, Sajaba was not idle. On several occasions, Rajitha was attacked from within the party. It was a special event that Kalutara took steps to launch a strong attack against Jagath Withana Rajitha, who was an organizer of the Kalutara Sajaba constituency, representing Rajitha Senaratne. Accordingly, everyone thought that Rajitha would definitely join the government and get the post of Health Minister.

Rajitha, who was praising the virtues of the government and the president in this way, suddenly took steps to attack the president and the government last week. Rajitha said that the President had a brain but no heart. Also, the president and the government have no plan to recover the country. Therefore, Rajitha said that it would be a big mistake if he joined a government that had no plan. Mr Sajith Premadasa’s father, Mr Ranasinghe Premadasa, is a philanthropic leader.

Here’s what was said by him

Below is Rajitha’s speech last week

Join us with this government, they have no plan. There is no program for the presidency, and there is no program for the government. Two gangs sit side by side and eat. They eat until they finish. Otherwise, they have no other choice. As far as I can see, the government has no way forward. Because it’s not just about building the economy, it’s about people’s problems. Health, Water for Farmers, Workers’ E.P.F. With all these issues, the government has shown that the President has a brain and no heart. Joining such a group is a big mistake. Therefore, our way is to gather the people and form the right leadership, give a promise to the people with the right program and work.

The future leader of the country should be a person who loves the people. And that leader must have good intelligence. Must have long experience. These countries were built by such leaders. Otherwise, they are not leaders like the instant noodles that came immediately. Every leader who made the world was made when he got old. Otherwise, not in youth. All leaders who made revolutions made revolutions when they were old. Che Guevara was the only one who participated in the revolution as a young man. He died early because of that youth.

These qualified leaders are among the 225, and out of them. I don’t know how much experience the people outside 225 have in administration. That’s what we saw. Came with Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa via Viatmaga. They thought that these people were the best intellectuals in Sri Lanka. They are educated. But not intellectuals.

Mr. Sajith Premadasa is a very philanthropic leader like his father. His father was a leader who sincerely offered to do something for the poor people of this country. Mr. Sajith Premadasa also has all those qualities.

If we are talking about the health crisis, the Chairman of the Medicines Authority has publicly admitted that inferior medicines have been brought. So there is nothing more to talk about. The government has no problem with patients dying. The government has no problem with the patients going blind. The government does not have a problem with people running out of medicine. The government has no problem with the fact that the price of medicine has gone up. What else is there to talk about under such a government…?’

A ‘Full toss’ from Harsha

Last week, the Finance Committee of the Parliament called Central Bank Governor Dr Nandalal Weerasinghe and Central Bank officials to the Parliament to discuss the problems related to domestic debt restructuring, which has become a major topic these days. The discussion was about the damage to the public funds, the Employees’ Provident Fund and the Employees’ Trust Fund, due to the restructuring of local debt.

However, due to a video released to the media after this meeting, a strong attack was launched targeting Mr Harsha de Silva, who was the chairman of the finance committee of social media networks. Many people who had watched the video commented that Harsha had taken steps to clear the Governor of the Central Bank in the background of some accusations against the Governor of the Central Bank regarding the restructuring of the local debt. If not, it is said that Harsha has asked the questions in such a way that the Governor of the Central Bank can answer the allegations and in the way that the Governor of the Central Bank wants.

There, Harsha had asked the Governor of the Central Bank whether the allegations made by some that the Employees’ Provident Fund will lose 50% through the restructuring of domestic debt are true. Nandalal answers and Harsha says, ‘Now the truth is clear. We don’t have to lie. We don’t want to do politics. Let’s talk the truth. The Governor of the Central Bank says that if we do this, it will decrease by 4%. If this is not done, it will decrease by 21%. The central bank is doing a good job. Who took out the fact that the loss is only 4% now? Until I asked, no one asked the question properly to get this answer out…’ he said.

After Harsha admitted this fact, many people said that Harsha had bowled Nandalal to bat.

By Special Correspondent

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