A video of Prabhakaran’s daughter ‘Dwaraka’ was released on Prabhakaran’s birthday! Here is the video! Find out the real story later! VIDEO I Sri Lanka Latest News

Sri Lanka Latest News reports that a video prepared using AI technology, claiming that Swaraka Prabhakaran, the daughter of the former LTTE leader is alive, was released in Velupilla on the occasion of Prabhakaran’s birthday yesterday (27) on the occasion of Mahavira Day. Sri Lanka Latest News

This video, released as an essential publication of the reorganization of the LTTE organization, was first published on the website TAMIL OLI.

In it, the character recreated as Dwaraka Prabhakaran has given the following facts in his publication.

“I am honoured and delighted to appear before you. My dear Tamil Eelam people, I never thought I would get such an opportunity. I believe that one day I will be able to return to the motherland of Tamil Eelam.”

“In the past, the Sinhalese government fought us with the support of many Western countries, but we fought without anyone’s help. The current situation in Sri Lanka is similar to the time when the LTTE started. In the future, we must fight principledly in the political stream for the rights and political recognition of the Tamil people.”

“The heroes who fought for our freedom are our heroes. I appeal to all Tamil people, organizations and Tamil political parties to work together to achieve justice for the genocide.”

“The Tamil people in foreign countries have a responsibility to take care of Sri Lanka’s ex-combatants and hero families. The Tamil people supported the LTTE organization in difficult times, and we request them to continue to support the LTTE organization in the future.

“We are not against the Sinhalese people, it is the Sinhalese politicians who have created such an idea in the Sinhalese people. A Tamil Eelam with self-determination is our aspiration. The United Nations and international countries are considering giving the right to self-determination and an economic solution to Tamil Eelam.

As my father and the leaders of Tamil Eelam said, though our path is different, our aim and aspiration are not different. “Tiger’s Thirst is Tamil Eelam”

The video is given below

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