It’s an internal problem in Sri Lanka! Others do not want to interfere! An announcement in favour of Sri Lanka from the Russian ambassador about the online bill! I Sri Lanka Latest News

Regarding the Online Safety Act, which was recently passed by the Parliament of Sri Lanka, although the United States, Canada and Australia have expressed their concern, Russia has expressed its opinion in favour of it. Sri Lanka Latest News

The day after the bill was passed, the American ambassador to Sri Lanka posted a special tweet saying that this bill could have a dangerous effect on democracy, that new laws with overly restrictive restrictions would discourage foreign investment, and that these new laws would harm the country’s digital economy. Some dangers could lead to collapse.

A few hours after the American ambassador’s tweet was recorded, the Russian ambassador to this country expressed his opinion regarding the Act on the Security of Online Systems passed by the Parliament of Sri Lanka in a special announcement.

Accordingly, the Russian ambassador says that regulations in the Internet sector are solely an internal issue of Sri Lanka. Therefore, foreign powers should not interfere, says the Russian ambassador.

The Russian Ambassador further said that Russia is monitoring the discussion regarding the Online Safety Act passed by the Parliament of Sri Lanka.

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