Will Sri Lankan girls beat India today and take the Asia Cup to Sri Lanka?

In the semi-final of the Asia Cup T20 women’s cricket tournament, which was a thiriller till the last ball. The Sri Lankan women’s players won the match by one run against the Pakistan women’s team and qualified for the finals. The Sri Lankan team will face India in their final match today (15).

It is noteworhty that a Sri Lankan team qualified for a final after 14 years. Although the Sri Lanka women’s team has qualify for 4 finals of the Asian cup tournament since the beginning but all of them are ODIs This is the first time that Sri Lankan players reached the final in an Asia Cup T20 tournament.

The final of the Asia Cup between India and Sri Lanka will be played at the Sylhet International Cricket Stadium in Bangladesh. It’s 5:00 PM Sri Lanka time. This is the eighth time that India has reached the finals of an Asia Cup. India has won on six occasions.

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