All eyes on today’s constituent council meeting! Will this be the final election postponement effort?

The opposition has learned that the government intends to make a decisive effort today to appoint and finalise the members of the Constituent Assembly established by the 21st constitutional amendment in order to postpone the local government election in some way.

At the moment, representatives from the government and the opposition have been appointed to it, and only civilians are to be appointed based on the opposition’s agreement.

As a result, it is reported that the government intends to exert significant influence on the leader of the opposition during the party leaders’ meeting today to fill the relevant positions.

The opposition has been informed that if those positions cannot be filled today, the government has decided to begin the work of the Legislative Council with the currently appointed members and prepare the necessary rules.

The opposition has been informed that, in accordance with the government’s plan, Mr. Nimal Punchihewa, Chairman of the Election Commission, has postponed the announcement of the election until January 5th.

As a result, it has been learned that the opposition is closely monitoring these developments and intends to defeat any efforts to postpone the election.

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