The Samurdhi union is boycotting the presidential secretariat’s new year’s festival.

The Union of Samurdhi Unions says that it will boycott the participation in the New Year Festival to be organized by the President’s Secretariat on April 22nd.

Chairman of Samatha Lanka Samrudhi Managers Association P. K. Mr. Ranugge mentioned that the government has taken steps to spend a lot of money for the New Year festival when the people are suffering.

“The administration of the Samurdhi Department has put some pressure on the managers and put them in a position to implement their spending program of 816 lakhs early. Prosperity managers are not afraid of those cowardly tasks. We all Srilanka Samurdhi Managers emphasize that if they are trying to carry out this process with lies by spending 816 lakhs by using some political ambatties and threatening to transfer the managers, it is an illusion. Also, Samurdhi managers are in the process of strike on April 22nd. No related expenses are guaranteed.”

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