The President has invited all party leaders to the Presidential Secretariat for a vital meeting this evening.

The President has taken measures this evening to invite all party leaders to the Presidential Secretariat for a special discussion.

It has been reported that there will be a discussion regarding the local government election, as well as a discussion regarding the appointment of a parliamentary selection committee to amend election laws.

Participating on behalf of the opposition will be opposition leader Sajith Premadasa, Lakshman Kiriella, Professor G.L. Peiris, Dullas Alahapperuma, Dayasiri Jayasekara, and M.A Sumanthiran.

However, in recent days it has been observed that the government has presented various proposals and privileges to opposition members in an effort to win them over to the government.

The President also invited the Tamil National Alliance to discuss devolution of power.

In addition, there were proposals from the government to give some independent individuals the chairmanships of various parliamentary committees.

Accordingly, the political parties are of the opinion that the people who comment in favour of postponing the election and those who comment against it will be readily discernible at tonight’s meeting.

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