The police have identified the couple who murdered SHADES owner, a millionaire businessman! The couple has not yet left the country!

The police suspect that the couple who fled with the car of the millionaire businessman who died mysteriously in a house in Talangama area are still in the country.

The police said that they have been identified by now.

The Thalangama Police had received information that a dead body was found in the bathtub of a three-storey house in the Pelawatta area of Thalangama.

The deceased is a 49-year-old man named Roshan Vanninayake, a resident of Kittampahuwa, Wellampitiya.

According to the police, he is the owner of the country’s famous Shades chain of ready-made clothing stores.

The police also stated that it is suspected that the businessman was beaten on the head and dragged into the bathtub.

During the inspection inside the house, the police found several blood-like stains, a used contraceptive sheath and two unused contraceptive sheaths.

In a bill found there, it was mentioned that the birth control sheaths were bought near Kalubowila Hospital in consideration of medicines.

Accordingly, the Western South Crime Division, which conducted the investigation, had checked the CCTV footage of the pharmacy.

It was noted that the person had bought contraceptives at around 3.22 pm on the 30th.

The police have also revealed that the businessman went to that house with another person in this white car.

During the investigation, it was revealed to the police that the deceased’s car, mobile phone and several credit cards were also missing.

According to this, the police who checked the CCTV footage of the road where the car traveled revealed that only one person left the house in the car.

The police said that the man had taken another woman into the car and then the two of them entered it on the Katunayake-Colombo Expressway.

It has been revealed that the car has stopped due to a technical fault at the Ja-Ela 18km  post area of the highway and the driver who called a car that is used to tow the accident vehicles on the highway has brought that car there.

He made the call from the mobile phone of the deceased businessman.

The police said that it was then thrown out at Ja-Eli, and a person in the car that came to tow called a garage phone number and called that number, and another vehicle used to tow vehicles was brought.

Accordingly, the police said that the person who came there had towed the car to a garage in St. Joseph’s area of Negombo and the couple in the car had traveled with him.

As it was around 3 am by then, the garage was closed, so they parked the car nearby.

Later, the couple told the driver of the car who came to tow the car to take them to a place closer to Katunayake Airport.

According to them, they got down from there and gave 15,000 rupees to the driver of that vehicle.

The police said that they had bought some items from a supermarket at the Katunayake International Airport using the credit card of the deceased businessman.

Later, they paid more than 5 lakh rupees with the businessman’s credit card and booked two air tickets to go to Indonesia, the police said.

However, the police suspect that the couple has not yet left the country.

It has been learned that the police, who are conducting further investigations in this regard, are ready to arrest the couple in the near future.

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