The child was set ablaze for want of ransom payment.

The police have revealed that the school boy’s body was poured with kerosene and burnt in front of his father because the victim’s father did not pay the ransom demanded by perpetrator.

It is reported that the 26-year-old suspected criminal, 26-year-old Malith Nisansala Sanjeeva alias Pathum, a resident of Buwelle Gedara Malith Nisansala Sanjeeva alias Pathum, a resident of Ampitiya, has demanded the relevant ransom from the father and son on their way home.

It has been revealed that the criminal who set fire to the child because of non-payment threatened to kill the family if they report the matter to the police, and because of this, the father had given a statement to the police that he could not identify the criminal who burned the child in front of his eyes.

By now, it is reported that complaints related to a number of crimes committed by the said criminal have started pouring in to the special police team deployed by the Senior DIG in charge of the Central Province to investigate the crime.

It has been revealed that the villagers have not submitted these complaints to the police until now because of the close relationship between the criminal persons and the police in Ampitiya, including the arrested criminal.

The special police team that went to the area today revealed that the people’s trust in the police had been severely damaged due to the continued neglect of the complaints and the identity of the complainants falling into the hands of the criminals through the police.

After the incident was publicized, Kandy Senior Superintendent of Police Chamil Ratnayake had told the media that three police teams had been deployed to arrest the criminal. The SSP also said that the suspect has fled the province.

However, in a review conducted by the Senior DIG Sanjeeva Dharmaratne this morning, it has been revealed that no police team has been deployed to arrest the criminal till this morning.

Source Lankasara

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