Sri Lanka has fallen in the Freedom on the Net 2022 Index.

The Freedom on the Net 2022 Index ranks Sri Lanka 48th out of 100 countries.

While the Sri Lankan government announced plans to implement strict social media control measures, the country was given a very low rating in the most recent Freedom of the Internet report for 2022.

China is ranked last, while Myanmar, Iran, Cuba, and Vietnam are ranked first through fifth, with Sri Lanka ranked 48th.

Iceland was ranked first.

According to the report, Sri Lanka’s ranking has dropped as a result of social media platforms being blocked, political, social, or religious content being blocked, and pro-government commentators manipulating online discussions.

Other factors that contributed to the ranking include a new law or directive increasing censorship or punishment, a blogger or an ICT user being arrested, imprisoned, or in prolonged detention for political or social content, a blogger or an ICT user being physically attacked or killed (including while in custody), and technical attacks against news outlets, government critics, or civil society.

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