Senior officers are harassing a police sergeant who was reassigned for political reasons.

According to reports, the 58-year-old police sergeant who was relocated to the Garadugala police station in Monaragala after he apprehended some illegal alcohol traders in the neighbourhood is under intense pressure from a group of senior police officers.

The police headquarters took action in response to the illegal behaviour of the Belaatta police station OIC and transferred him to the Kandy police headquarters without delay after an audio recording of Namal Rajapaksa and Mahinda Rajapaksa berating a police sergeant who conducted an illegal drug raid circulated on social media.

This sergeant who reported to Monaragala received a reprimand from the division’s senior superintendent of police, who is seen as one of the links in this political network, and was sent to Gardugala Police, which is regarded as the harshest police station in the area.

According to Herath, the senior superintendent of police in Moneragala, this police sergeant was under such much pressure that it was causing him great mental anguish. He had been relocated to a police station almost 300 miles from his home for the crime of catching illegal booze merchants. He has appealed to his senior officials who are in command of the region.
The police sergeant is reportedly getting ready to submit a petition for fundamental rights, according to newly disclosed information.

Clip of the OIC’s voice

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