QR code is not the solution. Fuel imports rest on cash availability. Energy minister makes a scary statement.

National Fuel License or QR system is not a definite solution to the current fuel crisis says Minister of Power and Energy Mr.Kanchanawijesekara
The minister stated that due to the financial incapability of the country, the relevant system was implemented to distribute the fuel to the customer with good management.

Further commenting, Minister Kanchana Wijesekera said that the range of fuel distribution will be determined based on the amount of money allocated for obtaining fuel through the Central Bank.

Mr. Kanchana Wijesekera, Minister of Power and Energy, also said

This is not a solution to our fuel crisis. The fuel crisis comes with our economic crisis. Then if we have the financial strength, we will not need to bring this kind of software and manage it. But after I received that responsibility as the minister in charge of this subject for about 4 months from the 18th of April, what we understood in the discussions with the Central Bank, the Ministry of Finance, and our institutions with these various people is that we have some challenges for the next 12 months. We have the ability to import fuel based on our financial ability.

Therefore, I do not see this as a complete one hundred percent successful solution unless we have created a suitable program for it.
we observe different fuel customers have different requirements. These differ on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis on their needs. Since the fuel supply depends on the cash available we have to manage it very prudent manner. Central Bank issues us money we have to manage it with stringent control at least up to December this year.

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