Piyumali’s defrauding of millions of rupees is revealed – CID files court documents

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) revealed to Fort Magistrate Thilina Gamage yesterday (30) that a suspect named Thilini Priyamali, who is being held in connection with a large-scale financial fraud incident, has started a business in the state of Dubai, which has been registered in her name.

The Criminal Investigation Department stated before the court that the suspect has invested the money defrauded from the millionaire businessmen in a business in the state of Dubai and an investigation has already been started in this regard.

In this regard, the Criminal Investigation Department filed a summary of evidence report to the magistrate stating that information has been sought through the International Police and the Central Bank and the progress of the investigation will be mentioned in the future.

Accordingly, the Criminal Investigation Department told the court that there are 19 pieces of evidence against the main suspect Thilini Priyamali, 5 pieces of evidence against Borella Sirisumana Thero, 6 pieces of evidence against Janaki Siriwardena and 3 pieces of evidence against Isuru Bandara.

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