Norway lifts travel advisory against Sri Lanka, but urges citizens to follow developments

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has cancelled the travel advisory that advised against all non-essential travel to Sri Lanka.

According to a Norwegian Ministry statement, the security situation in Sri Lanka is now more stable, and the state of emergency was lifted on August 18.

The travel advisory was issued on May 11th in response to violent protests, curfews, and a state of emergency in several parts of the country.

Protests may still occur, but on a much smaller scale, the statement warned.

Although the security situation in Sri Lanka has improved somewhat, there are still issues with the supply of fuel and medicine.

Norwegians planning a trip to Sri Lanka should bring the necessary medications and ensure that hotels and transportation have enough fuel during their stay.

“We recommend that you closely monitor developments and conduct thorough assessments of your own security. Check that you have adequate travel insurance “it was added

The Norwegian Foreign Ministry advises all Norwegian citizens planning a trip to download the Reiseklar app.

“Here you will find up-to-date information on approximately 200 countries. We also recommend that you register your trip in the app in order to receive important messages from Norwegian authorities “it was added

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