No media reported! Mawrata continuously reported how politicians-officials thrived without taxing cigarettes; the opposition leader exposed this in parliament.(VIDEO)

Mr. Sajith Premadasa, the leader of the opposition, revealed in Parliament that some politicians and officials are taking money from cigarette companies without taxing cigarettes.

He pointed out that the country is losing an income of 68 billion rupees due to not taxing cigarettes properly.

He said that this mistake will be corrected under his government.

However, it is a special event that this discovery was not reported by any media in this country.

But we at ‘Mawrata’ have reported about this fraud in numerous locations which is being done without increasing the cigarette tax.

Anura Kumara’s revelation in Parliament!

Economic expert Dr. Nishan de Mel’s speech!

The story told by the Executive Director of the Drug and Alcohol Information Center…

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