Kabir Hashim has been invited to speak at a UN summit! Only representative invited from the South Asia!

Member of Parliament of Samagi Jana Balavega Mr. Kabir Hashim has received a special invitation to conduct a peer review of the evaluation work of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) located in New York, USA.

The invitation was received as one member of a high-level global team of six evaluators, and the special feature is that Mr. Kabir Hashim was the only representative invited from South Asia.

Mr. Kabir Hashim is the Senior Vice President of Samagi Jana Balawega and also the Director of Election Operations and Strategic Planning.

He also acts as the head of the SJB Economic Planning Committee.

Many people in the economic field are of the opinion that it is a special event for a SJB member representing the opposition to receive such an invitation at a time when a huge economic crisis is looming in the country.

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