In Piyandala, Pohottuwa and UNP clash! Lokuge halts a Sagala-initiated project!

According to reports, political tensions have erupted in the Piliyandala area over the decision to cancel the programme, which was scheduled to begin yesterday, on the advice of Mr. Gamini Lokuge, Member of Parliament of the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (30). . Mr. Nandalal Jayasundara, President of Piliyandala Traders Union, commented on this, saying that Piliyandala town has become a graveyard as a result of political animosity.

He continued by saying:

“For the past three years, buses have been running from the Jaliyagoda-Kasbewa jungle road to the new bus station. Piliyandala has become a city of zero people in the evening. The business place has collapsed due to the lack of buses from the centre of Piliyandala. Some businessmen have sold their shops. Also, school children, patients, and passengers faced severe difficulties. “We informed the Presidential Trade Union Relations Division about all those matters in writing. As a result, according to a collective decision taken on October 13th, it was decided to establish two new bus stations in Piliyandala city and implement a new traffic plan.”

Accordingly, the two bus stations were established by the Road Development Authority yesterday and the inaugural program for the implementation of the plan was held yesterday under the leadership of Presidential Security Adviser and Chief of Presidential Staff Mr. Sagala Ratnayake and with the participation of government officials and other guests at the old bus station in Piliyandala. The chairman had mentioned that the union had organized all the activities.

In this regard, the President’s Trade Union Relations Director General Mr. Saman Ratnapriya has informed the relevant government institutions in writing as follows.

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