Defence, pensions, and debt service top Sri Lanka budget 2023.

Sri Lanka is to present an Appropriation Bill to parliament detailing allocations for ministries and departments as the first step to presenting a budget for 2023 next month.

The Appropriation Bill which is to be tabled in parliament has allocated 613 billion rupees to the Finance Ministry which includes debt service costs.

The Ministry of Defence has been allocated 410 billion rupees, with the army getting 209 billion rupees, Navy 75 billion rupees and Air Force 66 billion rupees and a multi-task force started by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa getting 9.8 billion rupees.

The Ministry of Public Security has been allocated 129 billion rupees with 116 billion going to the Police. The police and military have received 539 billion rupees.

The Ministry of Health has been allocated 322 billion rupees.

The Ministry of Education has been allocated 232 billion rupees.

It is not clear whether the funds include money for provincial education and health.

The Ministry of Public Administration has been allocated 856 billion rupees of which 353 billion went to pensions.

The Ministry also runs provincial councils.

The transport ministry has been given 372 billion rupees.

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