Companies will not supply pharmaceuticals to Ridgeway Children’s Hospital until 20 crores dues settled! Children’s lives at risk!

A senior spokesperson of the hospital said that until Lady Ridgeway Children’s Hospital pays the outstanding amount of 200 million rupees to be given to the companies for the purchase of drugs, the companies have taken steps not to supply the drugs again.

He said that although the Ministry of Health has given permission to make local purchases to cover the shortage of medicines in the hospital, there is a situation where it is not possible to buy medicines due to lack of money.

When the deputy director of the hospital Dr. Santhush Senapati was asked about this, he said that the above mentioned facts are correct.

The deputy director said that despite the Ministry of Health informing the hospital to purchase the drugs locally, insufficient funds have been released to the Ministry of Health from the Treasury.

He said that even now the acute shortage of medicines in the hospital is met with the donations given by the donors, but in the future there will be a shortage of these donations as well. – Lankasara

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