Beliatta GI pipe fraud informant beaten and hospitalised

It has been alleged that the son of Mr. Cyril Munasinghe, the chairman of Beliatta Pohottu, who was arrested while stealing and selling the GI pipes brought to a community root program, assaulted the young man who gave information about it to the police.

Accordingly, it is reported that this young man is currently receiving residential treatment at Beliaatta Hospital.

As it is known, this stock of reeds was found in the house of the chairman’s elder brother and was ready to be sold to a company in Malambe area.

That is a Rs 22000 pipe at Rs 15,000 .

Later, when the employees of this institution came to take the pipe away, this young man called 119 and informed the police about this.

Accordingly, the police came and arrested the chairman and the brother who were said to be involved in this incident.

After this incident, the chairman’s son assaulted the youth in question and is said to be in the hospital.

It is also said that the chairman’s son is currently admitted to the Beliatta hospital, claiming that he was assaulted.

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