Apologies won’t save Hapuhinna! AG should go to  court! Otherwise, we’d go! Delaying the vote makes officials personally accountable! 3 years! Professor G.L. says! VIDEO

Constitutional expert Prof. G.L. Pieris said that an apology for the illegal activity done by Public Administration Secretary Mr. Neil Bandara Hapuhinna by issuing a letter to District secretaries to prevent them from accepting election pledge money is not enough, and the Attorney General should go to court against Mr. Neil Bandara Hapuhinna for that unconstitutional activity carried out by him.

He said that if the Attorney General does not do so, he will go to court against this the opposition will do so.

He also pointed out that if any government official tries to postpone the election, he or she should be held personally accountable, and if found guilty, will be sentenced to 3 years in prison.

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