After returning from the Maldives Anura explains in Ambalangoda why he did not attend the protest on the 2nd (VIDEO)

Mr. Anura Kumara Dissanayake of JVP explained why JVP did not participate in the demonstration held in Fort on the second day.

He said that he did not participate in the agitation due to its lack of discipline, purpose, and organized politics.

Elaborating further he said

Ranil will know his position if LG elections are held. Do you ever come across a UNPer who is Ranil’s ally while walking down the street? No, he is only a temporary President. He does not have authority. Ranil will know the capability of the people of this country if the LG elections are held tomorrow. He will no longer be president as of that date. As a result, he believes that if the elections are postponed, he will be able to keep his position.

He emphasized that Parties, like pohottuwa, basically revolve around a leader; Chandria Bandaranaka was projected as Viharamahadevi, and everyone in the party gravitated toward her; once she left, Mahinda Rajapakse was projected as Dutugamunu, and everyone gravitated toward him. After that, now there is no Gota, no Basil, and no Mahinda, even though he is present.

Recalling the past election rallies he said “There was a giant man in thabuththegama during our school days. He was taken to the election rallies, People came in their thousands to see the giant when he was taken to election meetings” He related this to present day Pohottuwa as well

he said . ‘ this is still the case today. Pohottuwa took him to Kaluthara because he is suffering from dementia and cannot remember who the current president is. This is their plight, now he read through a prompter’ . Their slogan is a joke: “Stand with Mahinda,” but in reality, Mahinda requires two people to lift him up!

If the children love their father, they should allow him to rest and live in retirement. They refuse to do so, however, because their goal is to promote Mahinda’s son in the next election. It will be evident in the next elections where the Pohottuwa is heading. He said further

Bein futuristic in his speech Anura kumara said ‘If LG elections are held, the parliament must be dissolved immediately following the elections. because LG elections will demonstrate the calibre of the ruling party, and they will then be unable to govern This is why coups are being staged to delay the LG elections.’
Jathika Janabala wegaya will fight to the death to protect the people’s right to vote. He stressed.

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