A powerful assault on democracy and law! The Bar Association on Hapuhinna’s letter! Stop what President and government’s doing to stop the vote!

The Sri Lanka Bar Association says that it is deeply concerned about the government’s attempt to interfere in the local government elections.

Issuing an announcement, the association points out that the Sri Lanka Bar Association has paid close attention to the decision taken by the Secretary of the Ministry of Public Administration Home Affairs, Local Government and Provincial Councils not to accept the deposits of the candidates in the local government elections.

The Bar Association points out that attempts and obstructions to prevent the people from exercising their sovereign right to appoint their representatives are a powerful attack against the rule of law and democracy in this country.

The Sri Lanka Bar Association also emphasizes that the President and the Government should refrain from taking any steps that interfere with the Commission’s independent functions and the exercise of the people’s right to vote.

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