Without the collection of 918 billion defaulter’s dues government tries to sell shares of state banks! Bank employees threaten to release the defaulter’s list and launch a battle against the sale of state banks!

As the government has decided to sell the shares of the state-owned banks saying that they are making losses, the Bank of Ceylon Employees’ Union requests the government to withdraw the decision immediately and take steps to recover the money from the people who made the losses of these banks.

Channa Dissanayake, president of the association, said that they have pumped money from state banks to a large number of government institutions saying that they are making losses, but none of that money has been repaid and they have not been able to get billions of dollars in loans from businessmen and individuals.

He also emphasized that if the debt is not recovered from the people and institutions that have not paid the debt, all the information of these fraudsters will be made public, ignoring all the rules and regulations.

He pointed out that since it is not possible to reveal the confidentiality of the customers, the people and organizations who took loans under the guise of it have defaulted on the loan payments.

Channa Dissanayake points out that even the Central Bank Governor’s report recently revealed that the unpaid amount of loans taken from the state banks is 916 billion and the public’s money should be returned to them.

The chairman asks how unfair it is to use the profit that should belong to the public to cover the losses incurred by the people who have not paid the loan, since the debt of any person who has taken a loan from the banks cannot be written off, but the amount of the loan that they do not pay is settled from the bank’s profit.

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