Will Ranil get an appointment to meet Biden in the UN?

This is the first time that Ranil will attend the General Assembly as the President after attending the United Nations General Assembly in 2003 as the Prime Minister. Before going to the UN General Assembly, Ranil had made a big effort to get an opportunity to meet US President Joe Biden at the summit, according to presidential office sources. Initially, it received a good response from America, but now it is reported that it has changed. Presidential office sources say that Ranil will not get a chance to meet Biden. As soon as Ranil became the President, he had hope of receiving a congratulatory message from Biden, but Biden did not send such a greeting to Ranil.

Ranil’s close associates thought that the American ambassador to Sri Lanka, Julie Chung, was disrupting Biden’s greetings. Because of this, Ranil’s government launched a social media campaign against Julie Chung. But a few months ago, Ranil’s government developed close relations with Julie Chung. Julie Chung also stopped commenting on Sri Lankan democracy, and elections through tweets.

When Ranil went to Yala recently, the main news in the Sri Lankan media was that Ranil joined Julie Chang on the Yala tour. Harin Fernando, who joined the government from the opposition and is a minister now was along with Julie Chang.  Julie Chang joined Ranil in the Esala Maha Perahera at Dalada Maligawa. The picture of Ranil with his wife and Julie Chung watching the procession was a popular picture in the media. With these pictures, Ranil’s media unit tried to show that Julie Chang has now become Ranil’s closest friend.

However, friendship with Julie Chung did not work for Ranil to get an appointment to meet Biden. Ranil goes to Cuba before going to New York. He is going to Cuba to attend the G-77 plus China conference. America has imposed sanctions on Cuba. Cuba used this G-77 plus China conference to show its strength to the US as conference chair. Only a minority of G-77 countries participated in the environmental conference held in Cuba the other day. Most of them did not participate because they did not want to anger America. The international media has predicted that a large number of countries will not participate in the G-77 plus China conference in which Ranil will participate. The close ties between Cuba and China have made the US uneasy. The US Secretary of State said in June that China had helped build an intelligence gathering base in Cuba.

Ranil is going to Cuba knowing the anti-Americanism in Cuba and anti-Cubanism in America. Ranil is going to China in October. It is not known that he is trying to win over America by hurting America.

By Upul Joseph Fernando

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