Why is there no probe or complaint regarding millions recovered from presidential and ministerial homes?

This writer does not know how much money will be in your pocket. But if one of those fifty rupees goes missing, you will definitely feel like losing a part of your body. It’s not just because of your stinginess, but because the economic difficulties that anyone in the country is facing these days are just as strong. But this story is not valid for everyone. if not fifty rupees, even fifty lakhs or more money goes missing, there are people who have a prosperous economy that they don’t feel it. We are talking about such a person below.

Last May 9th is a day that many people will never forget. It was because of the brutal attack on ‘Gotago village’ and ‘Maina Go village’ using Pohottuve’s supporters, who were called to temple trees, and the wave of counterattacks that spread throughout the country after that. On that day, the houses and property of many members of the Podujana Peramuna were burned down. Although we do not condone violence in any way, properties worth crores were burned to ashes due to those acts of violence. As such, the house of Galle District Member of Parliament and Minister Ramesh Pathirana was among the politicians’ properties that were burnt.

The bandits disguised as activists also broke into Ramesh’s house on May 9th . Before setting the house on fire, they set out to loot the so-called valuable things, like breaking open pots and pans in the empty house; they opened the cupboards and ransacked the valuables inside. One young man who opened a cupboard in the house could not believe his eyes. There was a bundle of notes. As two others came there at that time, the three decided to share this amount of money among them. The boys took the money in their custody instantly. When they went to a safe place and looked around, the three young men started looking at each other. The total amount is Rs.one hundred Lakhs.

The next problem was the sharing of money. Soon the three managed to solve that too. 40 lakhs to one person and 30 lakhs to the other two, the group who settle the deal peacefully dispersed happily. A few hours ago, these three young men who became millionaires in the blink of an eye were people who did not owe more than two to three thousand rupees in their possession. They are residents of Unawatuna, Walahanduwa and Poddala areas in Galle. But their wasp turned in the sand only for a short time. The mother of one young man’s wife who was among the group got greedy about son in law’s fortune. She also expected a share of her son-in-law’s fortune. But the son-in-law did not agree. But mother-in-law had different thought. With the attitude of ‘if I don’t get you to don’t get’ she stopped directly at the police station.

It was a blink of an eye. The three youths began to unfold the incident in front of the OIC of the police station. They said that in addition to the money they had taken, there were also bundles of notes in that cupboard and that was taken away by people that burnt the minister’s house. Finally, the police managed to recover nearly 55 lakhs of the money taken away from minister’s house. But the dilemma faced by the police was how to enforce the law against the three youth. The reason was that Minister Ramesh Pathirana had not complained to any police about the theft of crores of rupees from his house.

The presence of so much money in the minister’s house and the calmness with which he behaved after losing it is surprising. During an inquiry about this, it is learned that the minister admitted that there was some money in the house from the sale of a car. But the problem is that Minister Ramesh Pathirana is following a silent position on this.

Also, it is questionable whether the minister mentioned about this money in the documents prepared to get compensation for the damage caused to the members’ property. Also, the minister should declare how he earned this amount which is more than one crore rupees, but whether he did so? What is more important is whether the police officers asked the minister about it. To our knowledge no such inquiry has been made yet. Therefore, many people have the problem of whether the minister accumulated this amount of money by collecting cents by cent, or if he earned it in some other illegal way.

More than one crore rupees was stolen from the minister’s house. But the minister has not complained about it to the police. Now the thieves and some of the stolen money have been found but still no complaint. So it is even possible for the suspects to go free. Due to all these facts, it is known that the police who caught the thieves are now in more trouble than the thieves.

Nirmal Devasurendra

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