Why Dewmini depart us after bringing glory to the country and leaving us in tears?

Devmi Ransara Rajapakse, who defied destiny and became an example to the world, left this world and excelled in education. Unfortunately, it was learned that she passed away after she was admitted to Matara Hospital due to illness. The departing of Devmini is heartbreaking for all of us.

Dear Devmini, you have left us unexpectedly. In G.E.C. O/L examination You have brought fame to the country by getting the highest results of 9 As in the year 2020 . We have not forgotten that fame. Because of your unwavering effort, dedication and faith, you overcame that hurdle in life. You passed the year- five scholarship exam in 2014 with 177 marks. With that, you have crossed the first barrier in life. That’s why everyone in our country loved you. Your parents, school teachers, brothers and sisters were happy to see the result.

Our ‘Mawrata’ newspaper wrote about it. Many people read that article and were proud of you. You were studying advanced level at Bambaranda Saddharmaraja Maha Vidyalaya, Matara. You brought fame to that school too.

Your parents took you to school every morning to make your future beautiful. They loved you so much. That’s because your mother carried you in her womb for ten months. She saw you as her royal princess. Mother was also a teacher in your school, so it was easy for you to study. Doctors told your mother, Kusumni Abeygunawardena, that it would be difficult to keep you alive. Mother never thought that life experience was this bitter. One can’t imagine the pain you suffered when you were a child. Your mother felt your hunger.

I felt the need when I wanted to urinate. Father said that the Dewmini daughter is my life. But today those lives are gone. There was a time you were kept in the hospital for three months straight. But because of your mother’s efforts, you were kept alive for 18 years. That merit is enough for your parents to attain nibbana.

Father Mahinda Kulatunga Rajapaksa. He is a field officer at the Matara Forest Site Office. Do you remember when you were little, your father take you to school on his bicycle and sit with you in your class? You were a good sister to your two younger brothers. Your dear brothers miss you too. can’t bear Although you wanted to study higher education in mathematics, you chose to study higher education in commerce because it was difficult to train your mind.

Mr. Dullas Alahapperuma, Minister of Media, came to your house and congratulated you to make your future beautiful when your exam results were known to the world.

Your desire was to bring an excellent result to Sri Lanka in the advanced-level examination. But before that, you left. See, it was not an easy task for you. You lost your legs and were in a lifeless state due to a spinal cord defect. The part below the waist was also completely lifeless. But while living, you made your determination come true. Although many children in our country have proper education, some children do not learn. You set an example for them.

No matter how many shortcomings there are in life, you showed that there is nothing that the children of the world cannot win if they work with dedication and effort. When you passed the Ordinary level, the happiness was noted on your father’s Facebook account. I got 9 excellent passes in ordinary level examination. Thank you to my dear mother and father who worked hard like a shadow to take care of me, to my dear friends, to the teachers who have supported me since the first grade, to the principal and to everyone who loves me…’

Those words of yours hurt our hearts.

Unable to bear your loss, a school teacher said that our dreams and hopes are gone. Your death brought pain not only to the school but to the whole country. That teacher said that you have been little sick. Even though your parents forced you to go to the hospital, you said no. You must have felt something. But because of their love for you, they finally took you to the hospital. You were in intensive care in pain. There you breathed your last. At that time, your mother and father screamed and cried because they couldn’t bear the pain.

Dewmini daughter… no one left you in your life until you breathed your last. Your parents were strength in your life. An example was given to families with children like this that they should not leave their children alone. The people of Matara Dickwella Kurundugahahena and the whole country mourn your departure. Dewmini , there is only ‘going and coming’ in this world. If we come to this world, one day we have to go depart. That is the truth. My precious daughter, We love you always.

Nilanthi Renuka

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