What was the secret discussion with Indian High Commissioner Minister Roshan-Sajith in the opposition leader’s office? Sajith tells what happened in Parliament! For the first time in history, a president without a mandate kicked out a minister who came with a mandate! Remove the person who revealed the theft and protect the group of thieves! VIDEO I Sri Lanka Latest News

The opposition leader said that the passing of a resolution against the cricket administration in the parliament was an occasion when all the 225 members of the parliament came together unanimously against the theft, but so far the person who exposed the theft by kicking this resolution has been removed and the group that stole has been saved. Sri Lanka Latest News

All 225 people have said that ‘it is okay to steal, it is forbidden to catch thieves’ and if you keep chanting ‘yes sir yes sir’ you will be fine otherwise something like what happened to MP Roshan Ranasinghe has been given a red light by the President to the government led by the Prime Minister. Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa said in Parliament today (28) that the executive has been under the iron shoe.

The opposition leader said this while commenting on the President’s decision to remove MP Roshan Ranasinghe from his posts in Parliament today.

The opposition leader said that the President acted in the wrong way even when a vote of no confidence was brought against the Minister of Health and the President who came to power with the votes of the members of the Parliament has finally torn the Parliament in two and he did not even consider the decision given by the court in relation to the holding of the election and there is an evil hand guiding him.

Also, the opposition leader said that there has been a situation where the sugar, medicine, and cricket mafia have even decided to remove ministers, and he said that he had worked together with the Indian High Commissioner and the Sports Minister to lift the ban on cricket, but he would not commit a political coup under any circumstances. He said that not only Roshan Ranasinghe MP but also more members of the current cabinet will come to meet him, so they should also be removed from their positions based on that argument.

Also, the opposition leader said that the Samagi Jana Balawegaya gets the government power not from Olugedi’s transfer but from the mandate of the people and therefore the opposition has no preparation for coups.

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