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Ranil was in the transit lounge in Dubai Airport on his trip to Havana in Cuba after seeing the Chief Minister of West Bengal Ms Mamata Banerjee and spoke to her tweeted by Mamata Banerjee.

Ranil has asked her a nice question

‘who is the leader of your alliance .. is it you mam..?

this is how the media has reported Ranil’s question

‘ it is decided by the people if people like that we can be there was her reply

The parties opposing the Indian Prime Minister Modi including Mamata Banerjee have come together and formed an alliance. The leader of that alliance has not been decided yet. When Ranil asks if she is the leader of the alliance, her answer makes Ranil think who Ranil is.

‘ people decide where we should be…’

But where Ranil is today is not decided by the public, but by the Rajapaksas. Mamta says without saying that she cannot hold any position if the public does not like her. She says that not as an insult to Ranil but because a politician needs the people to exist just like a fish needs water to exist. If Ranil understood what she was saying, instead of living in Rajakshala’s fish tank, Ranil would have jumped into the public sea and saved his political lifeline.

Will Ranil jump into the public sea?’

Ranil is looking for a party with a voter base to jump into the public sea.
‘Why the bud…?’

Recently, a young MP went to meet a leader in Pohottuwa.

‘Who is our presidential candidate sir…’ he asked the Pohottu leader.

There is a three-letter name. Who is that name…?’ he asked.

‘Does Ranil now have the recognition he had six months ago…’ asked the Pohottu leader.

‘Now people are scolding that it is difficult to live, sir…’ said the young councillor.

‘That’s it… Ranil is a political suicide bomb. We cannot kill ourselves politically by taking it in our stomachs…’

said the Pohottu leader.

The Pohottu leader did not just say that. According to Ranil’s journalists, it is Nimal Lanza who has been entrusted to form the alliance for Ranil to come to the presidential election. Ranil entrusted the job to Lanza knowing that Pohottu would not give him the candidature. Nimal Lanza has 40 or 50 MLAs, and even though Ranil’s media has planted news that he will form an alliance in a couple of days, not a single MP has said ‘We will join’ Nimal Lanza’s alliance. Ranil’s own media reported that Ranil appointed Anura Priyadarshana Yapa to lead the alliance, probably because Nimal Lanza had messed up the matter.

‘Who is Nimal Lanza…?’

Nimal Lanza was a municipal council member of the United People’s Freedom Alliance in Negombo in the 1997 election. After that, he competed in the Provincial Council and became a Minister of the Provincial Council and came to the Parliament in 2015. Sarath Kumara Gunaratne was the organizer of Negombo SLFP before him. He won the Negombo seat in 1994. But Nimal Lanza could never win the Negombo seat.

During Mahinda’s presidency, Defense Secretary Gotabhaya sent STF to his house. Sent to find out if there is any drug. Basil Rajapaksa saved Lanza at that time. That’s where Lanza gets closer to Basil. Lanza, who became an MP in the 2015 General Election despite being close with Basil, joined Maithripala’s government in 2015 and got the position of Minister of State. In 2017, he again left the Maithri-Ranil government and joined Basil. Looking at Nimal Lanza’s past, he is not a character who is in one place. He is a character who shifts alliance based on the benefits on hand. He is a local politician.

‘Then who is this Anura Priyadarshana yapa…?’

Anura Yapa was Chandrika’s man from 1994 to 2005. After that, he became Mahinda’s man. Mahinda appointed Anura Priyadarshana Yapawa to the post of SLFP Secretary, which was vacated when Maithrie was nominated as the general candidate of the U.N.P. in 2014. In the 2015 presidential election, he opened the doors of Maithrie.

When Maithri became president in 2015, he accepted Maithri as the leader of the SLFP and became a minister in the Maithri-Ranil government. In the 2015 general election, he made a deal with Mahinda while he was with Maithri and joined the fight to oust Maithri as the leader after defeating Mahinda. Knowing this, Maithri sacked him as party secretary. But Ranil won the general election in 2015. Anura Yapa later joined Maithrie and accepted a ministership. He abandoned Mahinda.

But in 2018, when Mahinda became the winning leader again, he joined Mahinda. On April 04, 2018, Podujana Peramuna brought a motion of no confidence against Ranil saying that Ranil was responsible for the bond scam. In that motion of no confidence, 26 ministers representing the Sri Lank Freedom Party including Mahinda Amaraweera, Sarath Amunugama, Nimal Siripala, and Duminda Dissanayake, who were ministers in the Maithri-Ranil government stood up without being in favour or against the motion of no confidence. But Anura Priyadarshana Yapa voted in favour of no confidence. He joined Mahinda in favour of the vote of no confidence that is to oust Ranil.

‘So can Nimal Lansala, who has a past like this, and Anura Priyadarshan get Ranil through…?’

Anura Priyadarshana Yapa recently met opposition leader Sajith at the opposition leader’s office and discussed forming a common opposition. That is against Ranil’s government. That is November 14, 2022. However, Anura Priyadarshana Yapa has today taken over the leadership of the alliance that will make Ranil president again.

It is impossible to win the Sri Lankan presidential election with these kinds of local politicians. JR 1982 won with Premadsala. Premadasa wins with Coorey and Ranjan. Chandrika wins with Anuruddha Ratwattala, SB and Mangala. Mahinda wins with Mangala, Basil and JVP. Maithripala wins with Ranil, Mangala and Chandrikala. Gota wins with Mahinda and Basil. When Ranil looks at the team that has to win the presidential election, it is a sorry.com for Ranil

By Upul Joseph Fernando

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