Web editor who reported about police day summoned to CID for questioning

The editor of the ‘Lankasara’ website, Janaka Liyanaarachchi, has been called to the Computer Crime Division of the Criminal Investigation Department today to inquire about a report published on the celebration ceremony of the 156th Police Day celebrations. This is said to be held using a large amount of funds owned by the Police Department.

This invitation is based on a notice given by the Criminal Investigation Department to Lankasara Media Networks Private Company that they want to investigate a news story published on the 23rd of August titled “Police are ready to dance while the country is begging”.

Accordingly, Mr. Liyanaarachchi went to Fort Criminal Investigation Department today to give a statement related to this investigation, where a statement was recorded from him in this regard.

Accordingly, the editor of Lankasara has fully accepted the responsibility of publishing this news on his website and emphasized that it is not timely to spend a lot of money to celebrate the 156th Police Day in a background where there is a severe economic crisis and a program to limit government spending, he said..

It has been pointed out that by conducting such a ceremony, the IGP and the entire police department may have brought into disrepute among the public.

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