“We Reject Political Bargains,” Opposition Leader Declares to Domestic and International Delegates Looking to Establish Political Partnership with Ranil I Sri Lanka Latest News

Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa addressed Parliament today, dispelling unfounded rumours circulating on social media. He vehemently denied claims of conspiracies orchestrated by local groups and foreign delegates attempting to forge a political alliance between him and Ranil Wickremesinghe.

The Opposition Leader clarified his stance by stating, ‘I have nothing personal against the president,’ emphasizing that there have been no genuine attempts from domestic or overseas entities to engineer such a political conspiracy. He criticized the proliferation of false information on social media, characterizing it as a deliberate attempt to use lies and deception for political gain.

Undeterred by the misinformation campaign, the Opposition Leader proudly announced the formation of the SJB Alliance, highlighting its significance as the largest political coalition in Sri Lanka’s history. With confidence, he asserted, ‘We don’t need to get into political deals because the vast majority of the country is with us.’

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