Visually impaired girl record nine A s in ordinary level examination

Even if I lose my vision, I don’t have much to lose…
I learn via touching with my fingertips…

This song was completely comprehended today. That occurred after hearing the Himasha Kavindaya Herat’s tale.

She is a very talented young girl. The fact that she was born blind has not impeded her ability to achieve success in life. This girl passed the GCE ordinary level examination with nine A’s.

Her birthplace was Anuradhapura. Her mother and father took her to Kurunegala, asserting that over a period of time the blind girl would be able to comprehend something instantaneously and overcome obstacles with competence.

“We should have provided her with the required learning facilities. We discovered that the daughter is exceptionally talented. She used to sing well when she was a child “Gitani, her mother, states.

“The first school Kavindya attended was Kurunegala Sandakada Special School. In 2016, she earned 173 marks on the scholarship exam.”

“After that, we admitted our daughter to Kurunegala Mahinda Vidyalaya. My daughter demonstrated a strong interest in general education. Furthermore, my daughter learned music at Mahinde. She is a talented singer. She received numerous certificates. Since then, Kavindya, who successfully completed the exam, received nine As this year.” This is what the mother stated.

The father of Kavindya was Anura Herath. Praveen Herath, the brother.

In 2017, Kavindya, a talented singer, earned first place in Sri Lanka. She was so different from other children.

“However, the daughter never emphasised or boasted about this. She is continually seeking to assist others. If someone is sad, she will also feel sad. Today, we are thrilled to witness her talent…” In conclusion, Kavindya’s mother Geethani said.


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