US expressed full backing for Sri Lanka’s efforts to restructure its debt– Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen

In a media release released by President’s media division states, secretary of the United States Treasury Janet Yellen has expressed her full backing for Sri Lanka’s efforts to restructure its debt.

The White House Press Secretary also reportedly expressed his support for continuing the financing guarantees in line with the Paris Club Principles.

She was also encouraged to interact with the ADB, the World Bank, and the US Government.

Janet Yellen, the United States’ (US) Secretary of the Treasury, has announced that the US will take part in the debt restructuring of Sri Lanka as a creditor country. It has been made clear how important it is for all official creditors to work together in debt negotiations and restructuring by being actively involved, showing up on time, and sharing the load fairly.

The US will support restructuring Sri Lanka’s debt; extend financing assurances consistent with Paris Club principles; and engage with WB, ADB, and US agencies-US Treasury Secretary.

PMD media release appended below.

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