Two robbers on a bike shot a shop employee in Megoda economic centre and fled with money, right in front of the police post! I Sri Lanka Latest News

The Megoda Police said that two persons who came with firearms shot a female employee and stole money from the wholesaler of Megoda Economic Center this morning (12). Sri Lanka Latest News

The police also said that the saleswoman who was injured by the bullet had been admitted to the Homagama base hospital.

At the time of the incident, only the employee and one other employee were present in the store.

The police also said that the two robbers came to the store on a motorcycle and took a firearm within a few minutes after making a phone call to the store owner to finish the daily work of the store and send the account clerk home.

Employees of the Megoda Economic Center said that the businessmen of the economic centre made a big noise and had to bring in the police officers because no police officer had arrived at the place for a long time after the robbery took place in this shop, which is within sight of the Megoda police checkpoint.

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