Today (21) in Parliament, opposition leader Sajith Premadasa proposed six recommendations to put the nation on the correct road. The solutions were provided by tabulating facts and data accurately.(VIDEO)

Opposition leader Mr. Sajith Premadasa presented six solutions in Parliament today (21) to take the country to the right path. The solutions were presented by correctly tabulating information evidence and data.

He said that by increasing the accommodation tax from 5 to 10 percent, 90 billion rupees more government revenue can be obtained and if it is unfair to pensioners, an additional 1 percent relief can be given to the interest earned. The opposition leader said that when this tax system can be justified, taxes have been increased to the detriment of the working people and many related data reports are being taken from Hansard.

Likewise, the opposition leader’s attention was drawn to the provision of tax concessions. For example, in the case of sugar tax fraud, a lot of damage has been done by reducing from 50 rupees to 25 cents, so a correct assessment should be done while giving tax concessions. He said that the government has lost 48 billion rupees in the sugar tax fraud and that the wrong will be rectified in the upcoming Samagi Jan Balawega government and the lost tax revenue will be recovered. He also said that he condemns the imposition of heavy tax burden on the people by giving concessions to his cronies.

He also said that some politicians and officials do not want to raise the tobacco tax because they are profiting from the tobacco companies and because of this, the state tax revenue has decreased due to tobacco and the profits of the tobacco companies have increased. Therefore, if a correct tax formula is implemented, a profit of 63 billion rupees can be made through this and even food inflation can be eliminated through this, he said.

The opposition leader said that the value of the welfare of the working people has decreased in the inflation rate of more than 70 percent and justice has not been done even though many robberies of the welfare have been revealed in the past and those who participated in these frauds have been appointed as the Governor of the Central Bank. He said that they are trying to steal the money from the Employees’ Trust Fund through fake health insurance. He also said that the money lost due to those activities will be recovered in a government of SJB.

According to the World Bank reports, 58 percent of the poor do not receive subsidies and 20 percent go to administrative expenses. Accordingly, the opposition leader said that a system can be prepared to target the country’s electricity consumption and provide relevant subsidies and said that despite having such a good program, the government has prepared social documents and implemented slow work. He said that this can be implemented as a subject-based program rather than a psycho-based program.

He said that in order to increase the participation of women in the labor force in our country, we can increase the state investment given in taking maternity leave and through that we can create enormous economic strength.

The opposition leader said that the country’s income can be increased through these proposals, which are presented with all the evidence studies and research.

The opposition leader said that even though there was no major bankruptcy in the international economy, today our country is bankrupt and facing a shortage of money and a huge economic recession. In such a huge crisis, there is no social consensus or people’s consensus in the current government. They have a consensus with the 134 group that bankrupted the country. .

The opposition leader said that the situation has become worse because corruption, nepotism, disaster and destruction have been the main focus and said that a budget debate will be conducted at the expense of the taxpayers’ money for many days. He said that without knowing the information, it is a hand-picking and the government has failed to provide the relevant information, and the henchmen of the parliament supporting the executive are making political deals by concealing information from the parliament as they want and concealing information from 220 lakh people.

The leader of the opposition said that they are implementing nepotism and a political deal that will lead to disaster. He said that looking at the budget speech presented by the president to the assembly, there are many contradictions in the current government’s financial management.

The opposition leader said that despite talking about an environmentally friendly, new technical economic system in the budget, taxes were imposed on the constituents who implemented it, and there are contradictions between all these facts. He said that this is an ineffective budget for the country.

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