Tissamaharama Magistrate refuse to release the seven vehicles illegally visited yala wild life park

Tissamaharama Magistrate and District Judge Mr. Tarindu Samira Silva rejected the motion filed by the vehicle owners to release the 7 luxury vehicles in the possession of the court for illegally visiting the Yala National Park and harming wildlife.

The ten suspects who were presented to the court were released on bail of 5 lakh rupees each and the magistrate ordered the suspects to appear before the court on December 09.

After it was spread on social media that about 80 people in 35 luxury vehicles entered the Yala National Park on the 22nd and traveled in an illegal manner and in a way that harmed the wildlife, the wildlife officers started investigation and on the 26th, 07 vehicles and 10 suspects were brought before the Tissamaharama court. was presented.

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