Thilini’s accomplice in financial fraud sent to Negambo prisons for her safety.

According to prison information, Janaki Siriwardena, who has been remanded under the charge of aiding and abetting Thilini Priyamali’s financial frauds, has been kept in Negombo prison for her safety.

Thilini Priyamali is detained in Welikada women’s wing.

A senior officer of the prison said that Janaki Siriwardena was taken to the women’s section of the Negombo prison, suspecting that there might be a risk of conflict between the two in the same prison.

Janaki Siriwardena was remanded in custody on the 5th after being presented to the court.

The official said that she was taken from the court to Welikada prison and immediately after the registration process was completed, she was taken to Negombo.

Thilini and Janakith being together in the same prison, there was a suspicion that the two would plan to destroy the evidence and the criminal investigation department officials and the lawyers of the party who were prejudiced by them.

Therefore, the parties had also requested that they should not be detained in the same prison.

Although Tilinige and Janaki are very close friends, it is said that recently there has been a rift between the two due to a money dispute.

The Criminal Investigation Department has also received several audio recordings of the two blaming each other.

According to the audio tapes, putting these two together may be planning to destroy the evidence, however, the two are only mixing things up and creating conflicts, said a senior police officer.

Gayan Kumara Weerasinghe

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