There is unrest across the nation! Elections for the local government should be held. Malwatu-Asgiri Mahanayake Theros alert President Ranil Wickremesinghe!

Asgiri Malwathu Mahanayake has sent a letter to President Ranil Wickramasinghe regarding the current situation in the country.

It states that it is believed that the President will have a good understanding of the social pressure that has arisen in the country at present.

As a result, the Mahanayake Theroru’s letter states that the government should immediately work to implement pro-people policies.

It has also been pointed out that all parties should understand their duties and responsibilities well to stabilize the country economically at this critical time.

The Asgiri Malwathu Theros  point out that for that, the need to put aside party political agendas and implement long-term plans based on national principles is re-emphasized.

The article also pointed out that the postponement of the local government election has caused some unrest among the public.

Full Letter given below,

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