There is no division within the commission! All those stories are lies! Fake news is ‘planted’ from the same place! EC Chairman Punchiheva makes a special statement to ‘Mawrata’! EXCLUSIVE

Advocate Nimal G., Chairman of the Independent Election Commission, said that some group is spreading false propaganda that there is a division in the Independent Election Commission, and that the news is published from one place, and there is no such division in the Election Commission. Mr. Punchihewa made a special statement to the ‘Mawrata’ newspaper.

Last Friday (06) all the media in this country had reported that there were four opinions in the Election Commission regarding the holding of the local government election and that the President informed the commission to come to one opinion.

When asked about this by the Election Commission, Mr. Punchihewa brought it up.

Mr. Punchihewa said that all the five members of the Election Commission work together unanimously, adding that all decisions are taken after the five members discuss.

Pointing out that this has been recorded in writing, Mr. Punchihewa said that the activities of the local government elections will continue as previously decided.

Premalal Wijeratne

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