“There is money on the roads of this country.” people do not take advantage of them. Cho Sing Lee’s

“There is money on this country’s roads.” This country’s people do not take advantage of them. If we have a country like this, we will make Sri Lanka the most developed country in the world within ten years. This country has a lot of resources. Regardless, the country’s resources that is to be sold,” Cho Sing Lee, president of the Korea Disaster Relief Foundation, said during a press conference in Kegalle.

The chairman went on to say that our foundation is a humanitarian foundation in Korea. Aiding countries such as Sri Lanka in their economic recovery. Subsidies are not an option for us. Assisting with investment. This foundation is also dedicated to constructing Korea; in order to change people’s minds, thoughts must be altered. That is when the action shifts. When 120 facts are stored in the mind, they are stored in the body as well. It should be incorporated into daily life. We’ll need to start a new village project for that. It should include good things in the human mind and direct those thoughts in a positive direction. As a result, I believe Sri Lanka can be developed. Youth is the one who established the training facilities. They should be supported in a way that is appropriate for the country’s culture. This requires training for the country’s rulers as well. This training has been received by every powerful person in our country.

Any country’s media is extremely powerful. In this country, we pay attention to the news. People’s perceptions can be influenced by media. The media has the power to transform a country. Politics should be kept out of the media. The truth must be revealed. The country should be given good news.

This country’s actions must change. It should be up to the country’s leaders. The country can be developed depending on where it is located. This country has ample resources. As a result, in ten years, this country will be in the same condition as ours.

Can obtain how much material does this country have? Fruits and vegetables can be exported as agricultural crops. It is possible to earn more money without selling the country’s resources. This country’s roads are littered with cash. Leaders are blind to them. They seek assistance from abroad. This country’s resources should be gathered.

We must forget what we have done in the past. We must think in new ways and bring them to life. To develop this country, a 10-year plan should be developed. Training facilities should be established for this purpose.

The country should establish technical schools. They should be educated by qualified teachers. Such teachers are paid $10,000 in our country; such schools can be built and developed in this country within ten years by bringing in teachers with knowledge from abroad. We’ve already talked about it with the Prime Minister.

We are able to grant visas to our country. Those who go there, however, do not return. As a result, visas have been suspended. He stated that it will not suffice for our country and this country.

This event was also attended by Sri Lanka Economic and Business Entrepreneurship Adviser Dinindu Edaragalle and Media Coordinator Adviser Nilima Wickramarachchi.

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