The Word Bank to ensure a fraud and corruption-free process. Fertilizer imports brought under strict regulations

Sri Lanka has reportedly opened international competitive bidding for fertilizer imports brought under strict regulations imposed by the World Bank(WB) to ensure a fraud and corruption-free process.

According to the Bank’s guidelines, contractors and subcontractors must allow appointed auditors to examine records, accounts and other documents related to the procurement process.

Tenders have been invited for the procurement of 125,000 metric tonnes (MT) of urea for the upcoming high season using the funds allocated under the US$ 350 million emergency financing facility offered by the World Bank.

Accordingly, fertilizer will be distributed under five batches before the season and US$110 million will be allocated from the WB -funded Emergency Crisis Response Program for the procurement to begin on September 15.

Bidding is to be done through International Competitive Bidding (ICB) under guidelines framed with National Procurement Guidelines with specific directives from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) to ensure a fraud and corruption free process.

The WB guidelines state that the employer requires the contractor to disclose commissions or fees paid to agents in connection with the bidding process, including details of the name, address of the agent and amount of funds.

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